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'Legacies' Season 2 Episode 4 sees Jenny Boyd excel as Lizzie breaks down on getting a reality check about Sebastian

The episode ended with a shocking reveal that is sure to come as a delight to fans, especially those hoping for Hope to get a break

Spoilers ahead for Season 2 Episode 4 of 'Legacies'

In 'Legacies' this week, the monster was not the usual kind you would expect. What came out of Malivore was an ancient Samurai, but he had a ghost-demon inside him, called an oni, that transfers from person to person through touch. This demon found its way to Rafael, and then Landon. 

Elsewhere, Lizzie Saltzman begins the episode by living her best life. She has a date with Sebastian, a picnic by the lake. MG, who saw Lizzie kissing air last week, is determined for her to see the truth — or at least, his version of it — before she walks around "with Sebastian" in front of others.

And so, he borrows a camera to film Lizzie. When Lizzie finds MG snooping on her, and when he forces her to see that Sebastian is not real, Lizzie breaks down.

She had been believing all along that she was working to make herself better and on finding out that she's actually seeing things devastates her. She tells MG that they're not friends anymore and it looks like their friendship is over.

Later, as she tries to drown her sorrows in ice cream, she comes across Landon, possessed by the demon, walking towards the Malivore portal holding the Samurai's sword. She stabs him but gets possessed by the demon and chains herself to the tree. 

Sebastian and Lizzie having a picnic in this week's episode of 'Legacies' (The CW)

When Josie and Hope reach Lizzie, she is in control — which no one except the Samurai has been able to do — and she tells them to stab her with the sword before the demon takes control.

Finally, Josie, who swore off black magic, uses it to absorb the power from the sword and expel the oni and send it back into Malivore. 

Jenny Boyd excelled in the scene as Lizzie drifted between being herself and being the demon. Lizzie always gets some of the greatest lines this episode, but one of our favorite lines ever on the show is probably when Lizzie says during the scene, "distracting the villain during the monologue, classic!"

At the end of the episode, Sebastian proves that he is real to MG, who is now the only one who can see him. Sebastian tells MG that he needs his help and this probably confirms our theory that he is a desiccated vampire lying somewhere below the Salvatore School — why else would he ask Lizzie for a large amount of blood.

But, the shocker of the episode comes later. Lizzie is sleeping and in her dreams, she sees memories of Hope. She startlingly wakes up and says, "Hope Andrea Mikaelson", and it does feel good to know that someone does, in fact, remember Hope. 

This episode, however, only raised more questions. How was Lizzie able to stay in control while being possessed by the demon? How was she able to remember Hope completely when, among all the characters on the show, she shared the least connection with her?

'Legacies' airs on The CW on Thursday nights.