'Legacies' Season 2 Episode 13: Sebastian may be gone, but devastated fans say he needs to come back

Sebastian showed up at the last minute and sent Alaric through the door of the prison world and became the anchor himself. Later the prison world is destroyed

                            'Legacies' Season 2 Episode 13: Sebastian may be gone, but devastated fans say he needs to come back
Thomas Doherty (The CW)

It's hard to hold the attention of fans in the episodes of 'Legacies' since the inimitable Kai Parker returned, however, the ancient vampire, Sebastian managed to hold his own. While his handful of episodes on the show were controversial, to say the least, his supposed death in this week's episode has fans hoping that the character is not really gone forever.

In last week's episode, Lizzie Saltzman and Sebastian spent a romantic day together in the prison world that culminated in dance and a couple of drinks of wine. When Sebastian tells her that he wants her to stay with him, Lizzie tells him the issue of him being a vampire and herself a human.

Sebastian offered to turn her, however, Lizzie tells him she's not ready to make that decision yet. But it seems Sebastian has already made her decision for him and spiked her drink with drops of his blood. Devastated, Lizzie speeds back to Mystic Falls only to get into an accident. 

In this week's episode, Lizzie's sister, Josie Saltzman, and father, Alaric Saltzman make it to her in time. With the help of Jade -- whose humanity has been turned back on -- Alaric is able to save Lizzie's life. 

When Josie is performing the spell to open doors from the prison world back to their world, Alaric says he will stay behind as the anchor. However, Sebastian shows up at the last minute and sends Alaric through the door and becomes the anchor himself, asking Josie to convey a message to Lizzie for him.

Sebastian and Lizzie in happier times on 'Legacies' (The CW)

Meanwhile, Josie's spell has destabilized the prison world and it begins to collapse. Lizzie astral projects herself into the world to tell Sebastian to make it to the Malivore pit so that he can save himself but Sebastian remains in his place.

Back in the real world, Lizzie holds the Ascendant as the prison world is destroyed and looks back at Josie in sadness. While it's not clear whether Sebastian managed to jump into the Malivore pit, Lizzie's reaction implies that Sebastian is gone with the prison world.

Though fans were upset with Sebastian's actions last week, they feel Sebastian deserved better. One fan wrote, "I do NOT accept the new legacies episode @thomasadoherty NO, it's unrighteousness." Another tweeted, "I’m so done with Legacies right now like how are you going to kill Sebastian like that. I’m literally crying I really hope they bring him back."

One viewer tweeted, "#Legacies I am just in a world of my own where Sebastian is alive and not dead at all. I will not accept his death," while another wrote, "what was the point of giving Sebastian an arc at all if they explored absolutely nothing about him? why show him in the book of monsters, indicating he had a story or pressing on about his first love if it wasn’t going to go anywhere in-depth? just more wasted potential."

'Legacies' airs on The CW on Thursday nights at 9/8c. The next episode of 'Legacies' will air on March 12.

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