'Legacies' season 2: Can the Saltzman twins escape the Gemini curse? These new theories could give us the answers

Jenny Boyd and Kaylee Bryant's three-word teasers for what lies in store for Lizzie and Josie in Season 2 confirm that we will learn more about the impending Merge. Read our theories to find out whether they break the curse, and if not, who could survive

                            'Legacies' season 2: Can the Saltzman twins escape the Gemini curse? These new theories could give us the answers

During Legacies' San Diego Comic-Con panel in July 2019, some of the cast offered up three-word teasers on what viewers could expect of their characters' storylines in Season 2. While Danielle Rose Russell teased 'quarterback, escape, forgotten' for Hope and Aria Shahghasemi teased 'empty, popular, milkshakes' for Landon, the teasers for Lizzie and Josie have fans guessing what that could mean for the Saltzman twins and the curse on their two-person Gemini coven.

Jenny Boyd who portrays Lizzie teased 'Europe, therapy, sexy vampire' for her character in Season 2. In an interview with TV Guide, showrunner Julie Plec said that Lizzie would be spending the summer apart from Josie, visiting her mom Caroline, "both doing some therapy and also touring all the hot boy hot spots of Europe". We also know that Thomas Doherty (of Disney's 'Descendants' franchise) will be playing Sebastian, a 17-year old vampire from the 15th century with "very old ideas". Sebastian has also been hinted to be Lizzie's love interest in the new season.

With Hope forgotten, Season 2 could see a different side to Lizzie, free of insecurities that stemmed from Hope's closeness to Alaric and her assumption that Hope was the one who told everyone about Lizzie's personal issues. Since 'therapy' was used as a key teaser for Lizzie, we could see a Lizzie who is more centered and perhaps could display a selfless side to her. 

Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) and Josie (Kaylee Bryant) in a still from Legacies. Credit: The CW

Kaylee Bryant has teased 'Ascendant, dark, power' for Josie's character arc. In the finale of the first season, Josie discovers the Ascendant in Alaric's office and recognizes it from her Merge research. The Ascendant is one half of the key to the prison world where the twins' uncle Kai Parker is trapped. The other half of the key is Bennett (like Bonnie Bennett from 'The Vampire Diaries') blood. Josie spends the summer researching more about the Merge to find out what could happen to her and her sister.

Bryant's words signify a dark turn for Josie in Season 2. In the first season, Josie's shown putting ahead Lizzie's desires of her own and being kinder and softer than her sister. But many are wondering whether Josie's darkness would be significantly worse than Lizzie's. Referring to TVD, Damon Salvatore was shown to be darker than his brother Stefan, but Stefan's Ripper version was far more ruthless and unapologetic than Damon ever was. Josie's research into the Merge could see her starting to desire for her own survival and more power. Perhaps, the more powerful Josie becomes, the darker she could get. Bryant did state that if Josie might not survive the Merge if it were to happen, but only because Josie would sacrifice herself. 

One of the theories floating around is that one or both twins become heretics in order to survive the curse. In 'The Vampire Diaries', the heretics were revealed to be witches from the Gemini coven who were exiled because they were Siphoners -- witches who have no power of their own but are able to siphon powers from either supernatural creatures or magical objects. When the heretics are turned into vampires, they are able to siphon powers from their vampire selves, essentially creating an infinite source for themselves. A power-hungry Josie could consider exiling her sister so that she survives. 

Alaric Saltzman (Matthew Davis) and Caroline Forbes (Candice King) in a still from The Vampire Diaries. Credit: The CW

Plec has also stated that she would love to bring Kai to Legacies should the actor Chris Wood be available to come back. There are in fact many reasons why the twins 'undead' uncle should return to Mystic Falls, for one, Kai could be the key to saving the twins. The Merge requires a third Gemini witch to perform the spell and currently, Lizzie and Josie are the only known surviving Gemini witches. Perhaps Kai could earn redemption by sacrificing himself for the twins. Or he could have gotten more evil in the Prison World and unleash a whole new set of problems. 

Fans are also hoping Candice King, who plays the twins' mom Caroline Forbes, makes an appearance in the second season. Caroline had been away in Europe during Season 1, looking for a way to break the curse. If Caroline were to return, she could be coming with a different way for both the twins to survive. Although, by virtue of being a Julie Plec show, we should be prepared for a bittersweet ending to the Gemini curse.

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