'Legacies': What makes Hope Mikaelson the perfect protagonist for the CW spinoff

Hope is bratty, selfish, entitled and in need some serious anger management - and that's exactly why she's so good at this. Her flaws make her perfect for the job.

                            'Legacies': What makes Hope Mikaelson the perfect protagonist for the CW spinoff

The only Tribrid to ever exist in the supernatural universe of 'The Vampire Diaries/The Originals/Legacies', Hope Mikaelson has stood out right from the time we met her. Her story arc was been drastically different each season - she went from being a potential evil baby to someone who needed protection to the teen that changed the game.

Without Hope, the infamous Mikaelson brothers, Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson, would have never found salvation. Had it not been for Hope, the story would have stayed in a loop and we'd have never been able to move on. However, none of this makes her the perfect protagonist for 'Legacies' - it's actually how flawed she is that makes her so.


Hope, played by Danielle Rose Russell on the show, was destined to be broken. Born into the only Original family in the world, Hope's childhood was riddled with tragedy. Her father Klaus was always away and in trouble and her mother Hayley Marshall couldn't figure out how to deal with Hope as well as her pack.

The entire family had their hands smeared in blood all the time and were always facing some threat or the other from the various factions in New Orleans. Her childhood was spent hiding or under protection and she never really had a normal supernatural childhood. 


Hope's crazy lineage didn't help things. She was born a Crescent wolf, had the Mikaelson magical abilities of witchcraft in her blood, and since her dad, Klaus, was a Hybrid (vampire and werewolf) and her mum an alpha werewolf, their abilities were passed down to her as well.

To turn into a vamp, one needs to feed and to turn into a werewolf, one needs to kill - both these transformations are extremely taxing to the individual and often leave emotional scars forever. Although she doesn't use her vampire side much, she did trigger her werewolf side in the last season of 'The Originals'. She carries the guilt of killing a man, even today.

Some may think Hope is bratty, selfish, entitled and in need some serious anger management - and none of them are wrong. She is absolutely unfit to be leading anyone, however, if you have been a follower of 'The Vampire Diaries' and 'The Originals', you know that's exactly what you need to make it through the night. Her absolute lack of any kind of cliched goodness is what makes her so great as a protagonist.


She's powerful, she's unapologetic about using it and she cares passionately - traits she has definitely inherited from Klaus. She's got Hayley's bravery and strength and it wouldn't be wrong to say Hope is a powerful supernatural species.

With 'Legacies' heading into a fight with the big bad Malivore, they will need someone like Hope. She's capable of making sacrifices for the greater good and she's also had a lot of experience with big bads. Remember the Dark Magic that was killing her in 'The Originals'? Hope was actually able to keep the entire thing inside of her while her very old and powerful family had to split it, in order to stay alive.

What makes Hope such an interesting protagonist is her baggage and who she is because of it. This is not someone naive and impatient and neither is she someone who will ever back down. She has dark places in her soul and while they weigh her down, they also make her the hero 'Legacies' needs.

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