'Legacies': A fan favorite witch from 'The Originals' may be coming back in episode 7

Episode 7 'Death Keeps Knocking On My Door' will most probably take us back to New Orleans. We may see Rousseau's and the French Quarter along with a witch from 'The Originals'.

                            'Legacies': A fan favorite witch from 'The Originals' may be coming back in episode 7

There's just a couple of hours left for the 'Legacies' midseason finale of the season and it looks like fans might just be rewarded for their patience with a character from 'The Originals'. 

'Death Keeps Knocking On My Door', episode 7, brings back the latest supernatural creature that turned up at the school in the last episode, 'Mombie Dearest'. A Necromancer, whose origins aren't clear as of now is definitely going to be the central character this episode. He's been taken prisoner after his stunt at the graveyard with Alaric Saltzman, the headmaster. His powers are unknown, although, he is definitely one of the ancient species of monsters that have come out of Malivore. He's definitely not a witch and neither is he a vampire so there is a high chance that he is potentially dangerous. The promo for the episode shows him taking Hope Mikaelson through a different plane and we are almost certain that the results will be disastrous. 


Coming to Hope's story arc in this episode, she's still missing Landon and decides to find out as much as she can about Malivore. She starts with the clue at hand - the Necromancer. She dives into books to figure out who he is and what is his story. She stumbles into something very interesting - that makes her pay him a visit in the dungeons and as they start talking, he asks her if she wanted to take a peek at his subconscious. Hope agrees and with MG's help, they initiate some sort of magic. Here's the problem - it turns out to be Hope's greatest fear come true and she gets lost and doesn't know how to get out. 

Alaric, who seems to know exactly how manipulative the Necromancer is, warns him to stay away from Hope, but the prisoner just lets out a sinister laugh. There's a good chance that he's the bad guy here but Hope will most definitely unlock a clue about Malivore when she gets out - if she does get out in this episode. Raphael Waithe meanwhile will deal with a problem from the past. Is it possible that someone from his family shows up, as Josette did in the last episode? 

Now, here comes the best part. 




This episode will most probably take us back to New Orleans. We may see Rousseau's and the French Quarter along with a favorite witch from 'The Originals' and... Vincent Griffith may just make a cameo in this episode of 'Legacies'. Although it will be just in a flashback which is probably from Hope's other plane experience, it will definitely be a treat to see a familiar face from the city from where it all started.

 Landon Kirby has left the school in Mystic Falls as Hope had sent him off to a friend in New Orleans. While it seemed like it was Marcel Gerard at the time, the brother from another mother to the Mikaelsons, it turns out it could be Vincent. It would make perfect sense since Freya, Hope's aunt, was very close to him and Hope knows she can count on him to not be reckless like the rest of her family.  




Showrunner Julie Plec had also teased in a recent interview that this finale would be like closing a chapter and starting another - so we have our fingers crossed for a death too. If you're a fan of 'The Vampire Diaries/ The Originals' then you know about her penchant for killing loved characters off. Fans had earlier speculated that for 'Legacies' first season, Milton Greasley aka MG will be the first to die. In this episode, we do see him doing some sort of magic for Hope and he doesn't look too comfortable with it. Will MG be the first to be sacrificed? 

'Legacies' midseason finale will air on Thursday, December 13 at 8/9c.