'Legacies' review: The Merge may be coming sooner than you think and here's who we think is going to survive it

'Mombie Dearest' confirmed the longtime suspicion that the twins would indeed go through the process if Caroline couldn't find answers soon

                            'Legacies' review: The Merge may be coming sooner than you think and here's who we think is going to survive it

What could 'Legacies' have possibly done that could make everyone reaching for tissues? Yep, they pulled out the big guns for 'Mombie Dearest', the latest episode - they brought Lizzie and Josie's mama back, even if it was as a zombie. This episode gave us a lot of insight into the twins and their relationship with Caroline and also left us with a crucial piece of information. Lizzie and Josie were going to go through The Merge and we will definitely lose one of them to the ritual. 

The ritual is a special magical ceremony for the Gemini coven that takes place when the set of chosen twins reach the age of 22. One of the twins will overpower another - suck out their life force and emerge as the stronger one. What happens to the other one, you ask? They die. Guess who is the Gemini coven? Josie and Lizzie Saltzman. To make matters worse, the two are the only surviving members of the coven. The ones before them were Josette, their mum, and Kai, her twin brother, who is also dead. 




The Gemini coven is a faction that was introduced in 'The Vampire Diaries' and then carried over to 'The Originals' where they've played crucial roles in the future of the supernatural beings of both shows. They are originally from Portland, Oregon. They are known for their penchant for cloaking spells which can drop anything under the radar and their unique means of selecting a leader from a set of twins. Remember how Kai killed Jo on her wedding day with Alaric Saltzman? His mastery of the cloaking spell was a huge plus. 

'Mombie Dearest' confirmed the longtime suspicion that the twins would indeed go through the process if there was nothing that could be done about it. The episode also confirmed another fan theory that Caroline Forbes is also out searching for answers - a possible way to avoid the ritual. However, she hasn't been successful so far. What's more, if you looked closely, this episode also told us who would potentially survive The Merge. 




If you compare the twins and their moms closely, you will notice that Lizzie is an exact replica of Caroline, as Josie so helpfully points out. She looks the part, yes, but her personality is very much like Caroline's from 'The Vampire Diaries'. She's just as selfish when she needs to be and just as guarded. Josie, on the other hand, is very much like Josette - in fact, she's even been named after her. The same dark hair, kind demeanor, and innocence, she definitely takes after her mother. So even though the show has been hinting towards Lizzie emerging victorious in The Merge, Josie is the one who will be the next Gemini coven head. 

In 'The Vampire Diaries' universe, history repeats itself. Josette's twin Kai killed their family to win the crown. He technically won over them all. However, it was Jo who had beat him in the ceremony making her the true winner. If Josie is taking after her mum, there's a fair chance that she will be the one surviving the ritual - and Lizzie will die. The show so far has been portraying Josie as a selfless person who would probably sacrifice herself in a heartbeat for Lizzie, making it an obvious move for her to die to save her. 




There is another twist we anticipate - they will not merge when they reach 22; it will happen much sooner. To do the ritual, the only requirement other than the required age and a celestial event is creating the Prison Worlds. Prison Worlds is the alternate planes of existence created by the Gemini coven. This is where Lillian Salvatore, Malachai Parker, and the Heretics were trapped and when Kai destroyed the place - the twins with help from Bonnie Bennett in 'The Vampire Diaries'  created one for him when they were 5. 

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