When will 'Legacies' Season 3 return? Hope and Landon's lives are on the line as Necromancer plays spoilsport

'Legacies' is the brainchild of Julie Plec, and so the unplanned series finale worked quite well in bringing many cliffhangers

                            When will 'Legacies' Season 3 return? Hope and Landon's lives are on the line as Necromancer plays spoilsport
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When the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, the entertainment industry — like many others — had to be shut down amid rising numbers of infections in March. Because of this, many shows ended their ongoing seasons a few episodes short and it would seem like 'Legacies' would be one of the shows that had the most episodes cut from its second season — four episodes, with the unplanned series finale airing on March 26.

However, 'Legacies' is the brainchild of Julie Plec, who is best known for the The CW show's granddaddy, 'The Vampire Diaries', and following that, 'The Originals'. And because of that, the unplanned series finale worked very well in that there were many cliffhangers. The whole universe started with a love triangle more than a decade ago and since then, Plec has finetuned her love triangle skills, which we keep seeing hints of in 'Legacies'. Of course, in 'Legacies' it got much more complicated than just a triangle when Season 2 saw a new, unexpected relationship.

Where we left off

When the first season had ended, Hope Mikaelson (Danielle Rose Russell) had sacrificed herself and gone into Malivore, the pit/golem monster that was the big villain of the young adult drama's freshman season. As a result, Hope was wiped out of the memories of all her friends and loved ones. She does manage to escape and comes back to a world where her boyfriend, Landon Kirby (Aria Shahghasemi), was dating her friend, Josie Saltzman (Kaylee Bryant).

Hope and Landon found their way back to each after a few obstacles. Unfortunately, when the season ended things were not as happy. For one, Josie's dark side began to take over as she forced her twin sister, Lizzie Saltzman (Jenny Boyd), to bring the Gemini curse to fruition earlier so that dark Josie could be an all-powerful witch. Thankfully, their friends stepped up to save both sisters. Meanwhile, the Necromancer was unleashing his own games for power which ended up with both Landon and his best friend Rafael (Peyton Alex Smith) dead.

The final episode of the second season saw Hope fight for Josie in her subconscious with Josie finally finding the confidence she needed to defeat her evil self. In the outside world, Josie's sister, and their father, Alaric (Matthew Davis, the 'TVD' alumnus who keeps on giving) approach the Necromancer to strike a deal of their own to save Josie. In return, dead-puppet-Rafael negotiates to bring everyone killed by the Necromancer back to life. 

While the Necromancer succeeds in getting Josie's darkness siphoned on to him, his clever wordplay meant that Landon was still dead — the Necromancer only told Rafael that he could bring Landon back to life, not "would". It is not just Landon who is affected, however. Hope still seems to be stuck in Josie's subconsciousness, or potentially elsewhere as she failed to regain consciousness as the season came to an end. 

What we would like to see

Julie Plec's 'TVD' universe shows tend to become more mature when the third season rolls around and we hope that it stays the same for 'Legacies'. Unlike both 'The Vampire Diaries' and 'The Originals', 'Legacies' is a bit lighter and is intended for a younger audience. For that reason, bits of the plot may seem silly and stretched out and the second season suffered for it.

There is, of course, a reason that Julie Plec is steadily employed by The CW and it is because each new season brings something fresh. By making the overarching villain one we had seen — and brushed away — before, the show made an interesting decision. But that tapered off when the Necromancer's intentions grew more vague as the season went on. We hope when 'Legacies' returns it will do so with stronger villains, those whose end goals make sense and are not stretched to the end. 

Landon's death brings in a new dimension to the show as well. We learned in the first season that he was part phoenix — which meant that he could come back to life. Unfortunately, when the Necromancer sent Rafael to kill him, he sent him with a special blade that ensured death. But again, this is a Julie Plec show, so we expect mythology to be rewritten so Landon finds a way to come back.

When is it returning?

Earlier this year, The CW president Mark Pedowitz announced that the network's regularly fall-scheduled shows will be returning much later due to Covid-19 related production concerns. The timeframe given seems to imply that 'Legacies' is likely to return with Season 3 in January 2021. It is also likely that the show will resume production in mid-October this year, making a January 2021 return more probable.

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