Le Sserafim Garam bullying row: Fans question HYBE’s delay in responding to the allegations

Le Sserafim Garam bullying row: Fans question HYBE’s delay in responding to the allegations
Fans question the authenticity of HYBE’s statements after the legal firm Daeryun came out with victim statements detailing Le Sserafim Garam’s involvement in the bullying scandal (weverse.io/lesserafim; Twitter)

Warning: This article mentions school bullying which can be triggering to some readers

What started off as HYBE’s first-ever girl group has turned out to be one of the most controversial debuts in the history of K-pop. HYBE announced the debut of their six-member girl group, Le Sserafim, and all eyes were set on who the members of the girl group would be. But as soon as member Kim Garam was introduced, a lot of allegations about the sixteen-year-old trainee started surfacing online that alleged that she was a school bully while in middle school.

The allegations were initially considered audacious considering they referred to Garam as someone who is involved in extortion among a lot more illegal activities. But now, it seems like there was some truth to the allegations in the least. From the offset of the allegations, HYBE and Source Music have been prompt to respond to the allegations so much so that fans of the now-disbanded girl group, GFriend were raging at the preferential treatment towards the new Le Sserafim member.


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HYBE asked for time to respond to the legal firm Daeryun

The scandal has blown way out of proportion that HYBE and Souce Music have asked for time to come up with their official statements after Kim Garam was sued by the legal firm Daeryun on behalf of Garam’s alleged victim, Yoo Eunseo. On May 19, despite HYBE labels’ various attempts to protect Kim Garam, numerous news reports were released online after an update from the law firm Daeryun that their client, Yoo Eunseo had reported their side of the story after witnessing HYBE’s original statement.

The label provided media outlets and Knetz (fans) with a complete timeline from the victim’s viewpoint. They also added Yoo Eunseo’s guardian’s statements as well as the statements and the report of the school violence committee by the head of Gyeongin Middle School, Kim Garam’s school. After a detailed report from the legal firm of the alleged victim was spread online, HYBE eventually responded with their newest statement.

HYBE stated that the law firm, Daeryun’s official position was sent to a large number of media outlets and was being inconsiderate as many minors are involved in the scandal. HYBE alleged that the law firm had compiled and published the events of the scandal from 2018 in such a way that benefitted their side and painted Garam in a bad light. The label urged the media to refrain from reporting the one-sided position finally asking for time to compile their position in a short while. HYBE added that they have been taking legal action against anonymous comments online and have also been avoiding their statements to fans considering the issue involves a lot of minors who are still in school.


‘Finally HYBE gets exposed’

This reaction from HYBE has fans wondering why the label still asked for time to get their facts straight if the allegations started more than seven weeks ago. Fans are also claiming that HYBE was being ignorant of the scandal after the law firm, Daeryun alleged that HYBE was yet to respond to legal compilations with evidence about the controversy. One fan asked, “The victim has a lot of strong evidences and source music will just release a statement saying “kim garam said” without evidences? you said weeks ago that the accusations are not true contrary to what you're saying now. who will believe you garam?” Another fan asked, “I really need to know what does this girl have on HYBE that they refuse to let her go?”

One more fan asked, “Is it me or has HYBE lost the ability to take tough but fair decisions since Bang PD stepped down as CEO!?” Another fan said, “Finally a company gets exposed for trying to silence victim to save their idols. hybe is disgusting. say what you want but kim garam literally has a high degree bullying summit under her belt.” One fan said, “The fact that hybe painted her as a victim is so disgusting kim garam, hybe and people that still defending her can go to hell.” Another fan said, “Regret bcs the lawfirm defending their client? Like whaaat?? Its their job of course. Being minors doesnt mean you can hurt people freely.”

One fan said, “The victim knows they are up against a giant like Hybe, now why would they risk it all if they didn't have good enough reasons? Like legal proceedings of this level will cost you an arm and a leg. Difficult to believe that its all fake.” Another fan said, “True! they risk tons of money to bring the truth to the public! respect to the victim on this case. also the lawfirm said that HYBE clearly know the existence of the school violence proof way before this issue came out. why they act like they just know it by today?”








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