LeBron James trolled for posting controversial Covid meme: 'Bro been talking to Kyrie'

It is believed that LeBron James wanted to joke how Covid-19, cold and flu are not very different from each other as ailments

                            LeBron James trolled for posting controversial Covid meme: 'Bro been talking to Kyrie'
LeBron James (L) shared a meme on Covid that stirred up a storm (Instagram/Kingjames)

NBA star LeBron James became the center of internet controversy on Christmas eve after he shared a controversial meme on Covid-19 on his Instagram. The meme, where three identical Spiderman can be seen pointing fingers at each other, had Covid, cold, and flu written on them individually. It is believed that LeBron wanted to joke how Covid-19, cold, and flu are not quite different from each other as ailments, using the popular Spiderman meme template. He captioned the meme with a shoulder shrug emoji saying 'Help me out folks'. 

However, the meme did not sit well with even the most loyal of LeBron's fans, many of whom wondered if their favorite Lakers star has now become a conspiracy theorist. Some even speculated that LeBron probably had had a conversation with Kyrie Irving, the controversial Brooklyn Nets player who refused to be vaccinated. While LeBron himself has gotten the Covid jab, he had previously expressed his skepticism over the same. 


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LeBron's team Los Angeles Lakers have had to put up with the losses of several key players like Avery Bradley, Trevor Ariza, Kent Bazemore, Austin Reaves and Malik Monk, all over COVID-19 protocols, along with their head coach Frank Vogel. In fact, in their latest game against the Nets, they had only 12 players available. 

While prominent athletes and sportspersons continue to debate and disobey Covid vaccine mandates and other protocols, the dangerous Omicron variant of the virus is already wreaking havoc. In fact, experts predict that the variant will cause 140 million new infections in the US between January and March 2022. This tantamounts to nearly 60 percent of all Americans. 

LeBron's ill-timed meme at such a situation was perceived in the wrong way by many, who criticized the NBA player for his confusion. "Leconspiracytheory," a user joked while another wrote, "LeControversialpost." One fan commented, "LeBron giving the gift of drama on the gram this Christmas Eve. LFG," and a fourth follower speculated, "Bro been talking to Kyrie (Irving)."

"This guy just minimized a global Health crisis w one post. Is this your king," one user reacted. Many fans even wondered if LeBron might face any serious action from the NBA for his controversial meme while others labeled him a Republican, or more precisely, 'Lepublican'. 

LeBron himself however seemed to be unfazed in the face of the controversy, as he posted a series of suave photos and wished everyone a Merry Christmas.  

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