Jeffery Epstein's pilot Larry Visoski drops big names who flew on 'Lolita Express'

While he never witnessed any sexual activity, the pilot did see influential figures fly with disgraced financier during Maxwell trial

                            Jeffery Epstein's pilot Larry Visoski drops big names who flew on 'Lolita Express'
A woman protesting against Jeffrey Epstein outside a Manhattan courthouse on July 14, 2020, in New York City (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Ghislaine Maxwell's trial entered day two, with some surprising testimony from Jeffery Epstein's pilot Larry Visoski. The pilot was the first person to testify in the trial, revealing just how far and wide the deceased financier's links ran. Visoski was clear to mention he never personally witnessed any sexual activity, with the door of his cockpit firmly closed at all times, but he was certainly aware of his passengers.

The controversial trial is taking place at the Manhattan Federal Court under the spectre of allegations, the most recent one being that it is rigged. The theory was spread by notable conservatives like Jack Posobiec and Richard Grenell. Another wild conspiracy theory claims the Omicron variant of Covid-19 is a "distraction" from the trial, and that it was created to fill the news cycles instead of the trial. Maxwell herself has spread allegations that she won't be receiving a fair trial.


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Despite the noise though, the trial is going ahead, with many hoping it would reveal others involved in Epstein's sex trafficking. Visoski's testimony is the closest we have come so far to that when he acknowledged that he flew some very big names aboard Epstein's private Boeing 727 flight dubbed 'Lolita Express'.

A protest group called "Hot Mess" hold up signs of Jeffrey Epstein and President Donald Trump in front of the Federal courthouse on July 8, 2019, in New York City. (Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

Who did Visoski see?

Visoski flew Epstein for over 25 years, making him a key witness in the case. He told the court "Epstein was the big number one" in the operation, and described Maxwell as "the number two." He also backed up previous allegations that Epstein and Maxwell shared a rather close relationship. "I wouldn't characterise it as romantic," he said, but noted it was "more personal than business."

In his many years for Epstein, Visoski was asked if he flew "pretty important people" like Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and Kevin Spacey. He acknowledged he had flown everybody except Kennedy Jr., the nephew of former US President John F. Kennedy. He noted that Trump was a "frequent flyer" before becoming President, but said he couldn't ever remember flying Trump's family. Similarly, Clinton too was a frequent flyer, Visoski testified. 

He also clearly stated "I certainly did not" see any sexual activity on the flights, because he kept the cockpit door closed, despite it not being mandated by Epstein. Visoski would occasionally emerge, to get coffee or use the bathroom, but even then said he never saw any sexual activity or even used condoms or sex toys when cleaning up. The pilot went on to acknowledge he saw young girls with their families, but never any unaccompanied minors. However, he was able to identify one of Maxwell's accusers, a singer identified only as Jane. He described her as "a mature woman, with piercing, powder blue eyes" who Epstein once brought into the cockpit. "She looked like a woman," he said of Jane, who was a minor at the time she was allegedly groomed by Epstein and Maxwell.

Prince Andrew The Duke of York arrives at the Headquarters of CrossRail in Canary Wharf on March 7, 2011, in London, England. (Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)


Furthermore, Visoski also acknowledged he met Virginia Roberts Guiffre in the "mid-to-late ’90s" aboard the flight. While Guiffre isn't one of the accusers in the case, she has filed a separate civil suit against Prince Andrew. Others Visoski remembered seeing included former astronaut senator John Glenn, actor Chris Tucker, and violinist Itzhak Perlman. He also "frequently ran" into Maxwell.

The testimony does seem to link the allegations against Epstein and Maxwell, with the financier's wider network. So far, Prince Andrew is the only one facing legal action as a result of his association with the two. Others, including Trump, have vehemently denied having links with Epstein. 

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