What is Larry Johnson's religion? Retired NFL player slammed again for anti-Semitic tweets

The former Kansas City Chiefs player was arrested six times for drunken violence and assault againt women

                            What is Larry Johnson's religion? Retired NFL player slammed again for anti-Semitic tweets
Larry Johnson has come under fire before for his problematic opinion about Jews (Getty Images)

Controversial retired football player Larry Johnson has once again exhibited his anti-Semitic sentiments by engaging in a series of problematic tweets and counter-tweets about the religion and its history. The 41-year-old former running back for Kansas City Chiefs had come under fire before for his problematic opinion about Jews, accusing the community of "Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking, Pedophilia, Ritualistic Child Torture, Perversion, Human Sacrifice/Murder."

Johnson has largely remained unapologetic about his behavior and beliefs and continues to propagate hate. He is also notorious for spreading rumors and conspiracy theories about celebrity deaths. For instance, he had tweeted that LeBron James did a 'blood sacrifice' to kill Kobe Bryant, after the latter's tragic death in a helicopter crash. 


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What is Larry Johnson's religion?

Larry Johnson's Twitter bio reads: 'Exodus 15:3 (Cepher)' - which is a reference to the Bible phrase - "The LORD is a warrior; the LORD is his name" (Common English Bible). The word Cepher is believed to be a reference to the Cepher Bible, which is a religious work without scholarly citations that claims to restore 'missing' books, phrases, and chapters to the Bible.

Officially called 'Eth Cepher' (Hebrew for Divinity and Book), the publishers of the book refrain from calling it 'Bible' but describe their material as 'biblical', informs Got Questions. Overall, Cepher can be described as a custom translation of The Bible. Some Bible scholars have rejected the text of Cepher as non-canonical. 

Larry Johnson has been making controversial statements for some time now (Getty Images)


The official description of Cepher reads: 'A comprehensive restoration of sacred scripture in the English language.' Johnson appears to be a devoted believer in the Cepher sect of the Bible as he has added a link to the website in his Twitter bio. And many of the 'facts' shared by him on social media are sourced from the book, but not corroborated by any other more reliable source. 

Larry Johnson's problematic behavior

In August 2020, Johnson tweeted an anti-semitic conspiracy theory saying that there is a Jewish cabal that engages in human trafficking, murder, pedophilia, human sacrifice, and child torture and that he was glad he was not a part of that.



After his tweets sparked massive controversy, he tweeted, "I angered “Rabbis” from here to Israel."



Johnson shares beliefs with the segment — Black Hebrew Israelites — who believe that African-Americans are the true descendants of the Hebrews in the Bible, not the Jews, informs Insider

Despite public outrage, Johnson refused to apologize or take down his tweets. He has also consistently posted in support of Hitler, denial of the Holocaust, and shocking remarks like Jews worship Satan, while often attributing his quotes falsely to the Bible. 

Recently, he got embroiled in an unhealthy debate on Twitter with people who countered his controversial views. Eventually, he tweeted, "I don’t have a problem with any race, gender, or religion; I have a problem with LIARS, and they are in every race, gender, religion."



Replying to his tweet, people called him out for his multiple charges of drunken assault and violence against women in the past, for which he was arrested six times since 2003. 



[Disclaimer: The athlete referred to in this story should not be confused with basketball player Larry Johnson]

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