Lana Del Rey drops Blue Banisters cover pic, fans joke 'she bought picsart premium'

Lana Del Rey finally dropped the cover photo for Blue Banisters album and also teased a music video for a yet to be named track

                            Lana Del Rey drops Blue Banisters cover pic, fans joke 'she bought picsart premium'
Lana Del Rey just released Blue Bannisters cover (Twitter)

Lana Del Rey's much-awaited album 'Blue Banisters' was supposed to release on July 4 but will now release later. In the latest news about the album, the 36-year-old singer posted its cover picture on Twitter. 

On Saturday, July 3, Lana updated her fans on social media saying, "Album out later later," where she shared the Blue Banisters album art and a music video teaser for a new, yet untitled single. Rey says the song, in which she can be heard singing "My body is a map of L.A." will be "out soonish".


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Lana, who previously shared three tracks in May 2021 — 'Blue Banisters', 'Wildflower Wildfire' and 'Text Book' — shared the cover photo of her album with her fans on July 3, 2021. In the picture, she was seen sitting in a yellow dress petting one of the two dogs, which look like a German Shepherd. 


Pop Base tweeted, "Lana Del Rey unveils the official cover art for her upcoming album ‘Blue Banisters.’" While another one said, "why would she not have anything blue on the cover." 



One fan tweeted, "i’m so happy Lana posted about BB and i have some thought too. The new single sounds very pretty with the loud/clear piano behind. But something about the songs she put our sounds very similar to Roses Bloom For You, i hope lana adds that to the albums too." While another fan wrote, "Did you know that the song national anthem by lana del Rey was so popular that the United States decided to mark July fourth as an official holiday celebrating her song." One joked, "she bought picsart premium."




Appreciating Lana, one person tweeted, "Can we appreciate how genuine lana del rey is looking for this new era?" While some said, "Lana gave us her ugliest cover just to prepare us to give her best one," and "lana's new album cover is the live laugh love-ified version of hounds of love thts wonderful."