Lady Gaga responds to Britney Spears’ thanking note, says 'you stood up for yourself'

Lady Gaga responds to Britney Spears’ thanking note, says 'you stood up for yourself'
Lady Gaga and Britney Spears (Photos by Saul Loeb - Pool/Getty Images/Instagram @britneyspears)

Britney Spears on Friday, November 19, took to her Instagram to slam Christina Aguilera for refusing to talk about the former’s conservatorship ending. She again posted an Instagram story where she thanked Lady Gaga to speak about her abusive conservatorship openly and extending her the required support. Hours later, Lady Gaga responded to Britney Spears' social media post that quickly broke the Internet.

The ‘Bad Romance’ hitmaker on her Instagram returned the favor while praising Britney Spears for changing the course for women in the industry forever. The 35-year-old pop crooner had recently expressed her wish to collaborate with the ‘Toxic’ hitmaker if given a chance. The award-winning songstress had also posted her picture with Britney from the American Music Awards (AMAs) when the latter’s conservatorship ended a week ago.
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Lady Gaga responds to Britney Spears' thanking note

While responding to Britney’s viral post, Lady Gaga shared a selfie from the bed and captioned it as, “Love you Britney Spears. Love your best life.” She continued, “I prayed for the legal system to treat you like a person. You've now changed the course for women in this industry forever.” Gaga concluded, “You stood up for yourself and were so brave. Thank you.”

To celebrate, Britney’s conservatorship win, Gaga while sharing the AMAs picture a week ago said, “I have loved @britneyspears her whole career. I looked up to her, admired her strength—she empowered so many people and still does.” She further said, “I couldn’t be more happy for you today. You never deserved what happened, Thank God 4 today you’re a superstar and a super-human being. I LOVE YOU.” When asked if she would love to work with Britney, Gaga while promoting her new flick ‘House of Gucci’ said she was up for it adding ‘Oops... I Did it Again’ was one of her top favorite Britney’s track.




‘Gaga has always been a Britney fan’

Social media users rushed to Twitter the moment Gaga replied to Britney on Instagram, “Lady gaga replying to Britney from bed. Gaga did speak with poise when asked in public where xtina chose to deflect. I can understand why Britney would be hurt by that.. Also thank you @ladygaga for your support. Sorry for questioning you the other day”, said one user as another chimed-in, “Y'all can stop! They love and support each other! Gaga has always been a Britney fan you don't know what she did privately.”
The next one asked for a joint project saying, “Ok the both of you put down the phones and go in the recording studio rn!!! i will not repeat myself. enough internet for you two. the only thing I wanna hear is a collab when I check my notifications. have i made myself clear?” Meanwhile, another added, “She supported Britney without interest ? That’s the total opposite of what she did. She didn’t speak up for Britney Spears one time during any of this. Funny now that she’s promoting a movie she has so much to say ! Very interesting.” One user shared, “She didn’t say anything until she was already free lmao Xtina said all this back in June when it was important. What a mess!” And, one concluded, “Before you drag Gaga she probably did help behind the scene like she did with Kesha.”














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