Kylie Jenner graces Vogue Hong Kong cover, reality star and magazine slammed for being 'tone-deaf'

Many users called out the star for her 'insensitivity' and the magazine for it's 'ignorance'

                            Kylie Jenner graces Vogue Hong Kong cover, reality star and magazine slammed for being 'tone-deaf'
Kylie Jenner (Getty Images)

If you are a fan of the youngest of the Kar-Jenner squad, you know that the makeup Moghul loves her magazine covers. Her sultry look as now become iconic in the social media world. Though the social media influencer seemed happy and grateful to be part of 'Act Now' Vogue Hong Kong cover, many users took to the comment section of the Instagram posts to call out both the star for her "insensitivity" and the magazine for it's "ignorance."

Jenner took to Instagram to post the magazine cover showcasing her signature stare, captioning the picture, "vogue babyyy🤍 thank you @voguehongkong for this cover. [camera emoji] @gregswalesart." The star that boasts millions of followers definietly got compliments but some were very frustrated, saying the the lip kit diva was not deserving of that cover spot. Jenner also posted the same post and caption on her Twitter account as well. 


The official Vogue Honk Kong Instagram page also posted the image explaining in its captions how Jenner falls into the 'Act Now' theme and it's purpose. The caption pointed out Jenner's accomplishments such as her 186 million followers, her beauty brand Kylie Cosmetics' success and her charitable activities. "At the age of just 22, her beauty brand #KylieCosmetics has achieved far-reaching success, and she is also active in charitable causes including funding surgeries for children with cleft lips and palate through Smile Train. Styled in #YSL's 2020 AW collection, Kylie embodies strength and determination. Check out our exclusive interview and photoshoot with #KylieJenner in the August issue, available at convenience stores, bookazine and newsstands on August 3," read the end of the post.

Many users immediately called out the magazine on its ignorance with one user commenting, "You’ve GOT to be kidding me. You realize IN HONG KONG RIGHT NOW- young citizens are fighting for democracy day in, and day out- and you decide the “action” and “taking action” issue IS BEST REPRESENTED BY KYLIE FUCKING JENNER WHO WAS HANDED ALL OF THIS OUT OF PRIVILEGE!!! Like do you not see the complete lack of respect or care for who IS ACTUALLY TAKING ACTION IN YOUR CITY?! The ignorance of it all." Another added, "This is INSANELY tone deaf. You do realize the true people “ACTING NOW” are protesting in Hong Kong and across the world. And you choose Kylie Jenner to represent that? [nausea and vomiting emoji]"
This is not the first time Jenner has been called tone-deaf and the star has always tried to keep herself away from controversy thought that it doesn't seem to work out. As the post was recently uploaded, users are just now starting to catch on to what apparently was a bad move on the magazine's part. The consensus was that the reality star comes from riches or the fact that many believe her wealth was handed out her, which people say is not what is representative of a theme that is titled 'Act Now.' "Like taking action of what exactly? And that bulls*it in the caption is not it," wrote one user.

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