Kylie Jenner called 'literal psychopath' as fans cringe at the way she cut Mother's Day cake

In a series of images shared on Instagram stories, Kylie Jenner cut two slanted slices that had been taken out from one side, preventing other pieces from being cut evenly

                            Kylie Jenner called 'literal psychopath' as fans cringe at the way she cut Mother's Day cake
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Reality TV star Kylie Jenner has left fans feeling horrified and "triggered" by the way she cut a cake she received on Mother's Day. 

Kylie, 22, took to social media to show off the many bouquets she had received for Mother's Day. She also showed off a delicious looking olive oil cake that had been delivered to her doorstep on the holiday which fell on Sunday, May 10. 

However, it was the way that the mother of one cut into the cake that left fans cringing. Rather than cutting the cake from the middle, she had cut out an uneven triangle angled on one side. She had shared a series of images on her Instagram stories. 

The first image showed the cake that had been beautifully dusted with powdered sugar. The next picture showed how she had sliced into the cake. The beauty mogul had not followed the traditional cake-cutting technique where a person slices towards the center. 

She had cut two slanted slices that had been taken out from one side and would prevent other pieces from being cut evenly. Many social media users took to commenting online and expressed how much the cake cutting was getting to them. 

One such user shared, "I’m usually a supporter of all things Kardashian but this one Kylie, is jus wrong. Take your lumps. There’s no defense." A second user commented, "Dunno about anyone else but the way Kylie Jenner has cut this cake has really stressed me out."

Kylie Jenner trolled online trolls with another cringe-worthy way of cutting a cake (Getty Images) 

A third wrote, "Kylie Jenner cutting her cake triggers my ocd.. wtf!!!" while a fourth user chimed in, "The way Kylie cut that cake on her insta stories makes me wanna crawl out of my skin." Another user asked her why she cut the cake like that and said "she's a literal psychopath."

In response to all those who commented saying it was cringe-worthy, Kylie seemed to be very amused and decided to troll critics. 

She then shared another set of videos where she was seen cutting a circle into the cake and slicing out a round piece out from somewhere in the middle of the cake. She had written, "People were very disturbed I cut my cake how I did so this is for those people."

We had previously reported how the Kardashian clan had exchanged presents for Mother's Day before the holiday on Sunday, May 10. Younger sister Kylie Jenner sent all her siblings' cheetah shaped clutches designed by Judith Leiber each estimated to cost more than $5000. 

Each family member received a different colored clutch. Her sister Kim Kardashian took to social media to share a video of the cobalt panther clutch she had received and said, "I mean, seriously Kylie? For Mother's Day? How beautiful."

Khloe Kardashian also thanked her younger sibling for the extravagant present and took to her Instagram handle to share, "Awww, I love you my sissy @kyliejenner." Sisters Kim and Kourtney also showed off a bunch of gifts that they had received from Khloe which included a Christian Dior makeup bag and a "Mommy's Little Quarantine Kit."

Kylie had also taken to social media to share a picture of her daughter Stormi Webster, 2, in honor of Mother's Day. She had captioned the image, "this little love of mine 🤍 .. what a special gift it is to be a mother. happy mother’s day to all the mamas .." 

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