Fans slam Kylie's latest lipstick, suggests it looks like 'Stormi's poop'

While some fans feel not so confident about Kylie Jenner's latest lipstick shade, there were others who can't wait to add the shade of green to their collection.

                            Fans slam Kylie's latest lipstick, suggests it looks like 'Stormi's poop'
Kylie Jenner (Source : Getty Images)

Kylie Jenner is known for creating a makeup empire and ever since she has welcomed her daughter, Stormi Webster on February 1, it seems like she cannot get enough of her as she has launched several makeup products inspired by her. Recently, Kylie made a debut of her latest lipstick shade-  “Ironic” — which is a deep, army green shade with brown undertones. While Kylie looks gorgeous modeling for it, fans are not too pleased. 

Fans are convinced that Kylie has got so consumed with mom duties that she is inspiring the color of her lipsticks with the same. Many started commenting on the picture and suggested that the shade looked a lot like Stormi's poop. People thought that it is impossible for someone to wear a shade like the one she advertised because there was nothing good about it. 

“I think she came up with this color by looking at the poop in Stormi’s diaper. It’s def not a nice looking color at all in my opinion,” one fan wrote about the latest shade. Another seemed to express same thoughts as the fan wrote, "Is it supposed to look like the inside of Stormi’s diaper?”

They believe that  Kylie is drawing way more inspiration from Stormi than it is needed (Instagram)

One would think that by this time people would have had their laugh and the topic would have ended but it is after this that things started to get a bit graphic. "When you think your eating Indian food at 3 am but you’re actually eating the contents of you’re babies diaper,” another wrote. 

Prior to this, Kylie had introduced an entire eye pallet, 'Stormi' and dedicated it to her daughter. The collection consisted of colors such as “Cosmic” and “Nightfall” and was known as “The Weather Collection". As for her new collection, Kylie still has two more shades that she is yet to introduce. These shades will be launched on April 10 include, “Say No More” (a vibrant hot pink color) and “Boss” (a bright, fiery red color).

Meanwhile, there were some of her fans who could not help themselves from falling in love with the new shade that Kylie had launched. Even though there were many who thought it was being inspired by "poop", many thought that the color looked flawless and were counting down days until they could add the color to their very own collection.