Kyle Limper: High school athlete, 16, dies within 24 hours of leukemia diagnosis

Kyle Limper: High school athlete, 16, dies within 24 hours of leukemia diagnosis
Kyle Limper, 16, died 24 hours after being diagnosed with leukemia on April 13, 2023 (GoFundMe)

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA: A distraught Philadelphia family is struck with grief after their 16-year-old son suddenly died within 24 hours of being diagnosed with leukemia. Kyle Limper was living a regular life like every other teenager until his family said leukemia claimed his life.


Kyle Limper died peacefully on April 13 from a blood infection caused by cancer that was discovered that same day, according to his obituary and a report. According to the family, their son was fighting cancer, but they were completely unaware of it.


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Who was Kyle Limper?

Kyle, a student at Penn Treaty High School, had an outstanding attendance record and was an accomplished athlete who participated in basketball, track, and wrestling. He also excelled academically, frequently making the honor roll. His dream was to work for a CSI unit someday, showcasing his passion for forensic science. He was so passionate about the CSI field that he had intended to study with real CSI agents in Washington, DC, during the upcoming summer. Until recently, after playing a basketball game, Kyle told his parents that his back hurt. When the pain did not subside his parents took him to an Urgent Care before taking him to Jefferson Hospital.


“They told me in a couple of days, if he doesn’t get better, to bring him back. Well, in a couple of days he couldn’t even stand up,” the grieving dad Kenneth said. “He couldn’t even get out of bed and I had to help him up and stand him up, then he fell right back down on the bed,” reported Fox News. Kyle was later transferred to St. Christopher's Hospital for Children, where medical professionals informed the family that he was suffering from leukemia and his organs were beginning to fail. Unfortunately, within 24 hours of his admission to the hospital, Kyle passed away, leaving his loved ones devastated. “It was just like it was just a nightmare,” Ken Limper said.

'Kyle Limper is a love that will be with us forever!'

“It was just like every time we came back into the room, it was just getting worse and getting worse," he claimed. "I wouldn’t wish this feeling or the situation on anyone,” mother Jodi Taffe told the source. “Before April 13th, he was a completely healthy and happy young man with no sign of illness,” his obituary states. “It just came and took him in the same day.” The distraught family has set up a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe to help cover the expenses for Kyle's funeral. "He loved to embrace the best of what life had to offer him," read the page created by his father.


"Now with heavy hearts, we must live our best life for Kyle. Kyle Limper is a love that will be with us forever. We hope to use the funds raised to assist with the medical and funeral expenses as well as any support services for his siblings and family. Kyle is survived by his Mother Josephine (Jodi) Taffe, Father Kenneth Limper, Brother Justin Taffe, and Sister Kaitlyn Petner," according to the fundraiser.

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 Kyle Limper: Teen, 16, dies within a day of leukemia diagnosis