Kumail Nanjiani tears up as he tells Stephen Colbert about 'thriving in the apocalypse' and crying over bread

Nanjiani has been airing his personal podcast which focuses on things that have been making him cry, mostly tears of joy

                            Kumail Nanjiani tears up as he tells Stephen Colbert about 'thriving in the apocalypse' and crying over bread
Kumail Nanjiani (Getty Images)

Kumail Nanjiani's upcoming Netflix movie 'The Lovebirds' sees him braving a tumultuous time as he and his on-screen partner Issa Rae get roped into a murder mystery. In real life, Nanjiani reveals he's been tackling the quarantine and lockdown period alright and is actually, what he proclaims, 'thriving'. During an appearance on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert', Nanjiani quipped from his home how he's keeping his body ripped and what recent things have been making him extremely emotional. Case in point: breadmaking.

When the host, Colbert, asks Nanjiani how things are with him, the comedian turned actor noted he's been "thriving in the apocalypse." He says he has no strategy to counter the bursts of whatever emotions quarantine has been bringing out in him. Nanjiani talked about how being invested in the news is "not helping my mental state at all," and taking a break from all the influx of information was probably the best way to combat quarantine blues. But these confusing times are also probably why almost everything makes him cry these days.

Nanjiani and wife Emily Gordon are quarantining with their cat, so of course, a podcast had to be birthed at some point or the other. It's the only rational thing to do. But on the talk show, Nanjiani, teared up as he elaborated the concept, revealing that the podcast is solely to discuss things that have been making him cry. Not necessarily out of hurt or pain, it can be as wholesome as the next pretty thing one sees, but for Nanjiani, the most recent breakdown has been about people's pride in breadmaking. 

Kumail Nanjiani tears up (R) talking about bread on Stephen Colbert's (L) show (CBS)

With the ongoing pandemic, the one thing that has brought society together is the Netflix sensation 'Tiger King' and this sudden urge to learn how to make bread from scratch. The latter touched Nanjiani and he felt compelled to ask his Twitter followers to share photos of the bread they have made. That sparked off Nanjiani just crying about how proud people are at this lump of basic food they have created. Albeit breadmaking is no easy task - one wrong stretch of kneading the dough and you and your bread are both canceled. But it's the simple things in life that people are learning to rejoice in once again and Nanjiani clearly can't stop gushing about it getting all teary-eyed, again. 

But when not getting emotional at the little joys on the internet, Nanjiani is making sure his newly transformed ripped physique for Marvel's upcoming 'The Eternals' stays intact. And even though he claims he "Saw the quarantine coming early," and got himself an exercise kit at home to stay in shape, his best remedy to combat these harrowing, confusing, depressing times is ordering four pies at once. It's simple, really, maybe everybody else should try it out too.

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