'Traitor' Krysten Sinema slammed for shaking GOP senators' hands after filibuster vote

Krysten Sinema joined all Republicans in voting against the proposal, and shortly after shook hands with GOP senators

                            'Traitor' Krysten Sinema slammed for shaking GOP senators' hands after filibuster vote
Senator Krysten Sinema was seen getting pally with Republican Senator (Acyn/Twitter and Rod Lamkey-Pool/Getty Images)

On Wednesday, January 19, votes by moderate Democractic Senators Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema resulted in a bold round of applause from Republicans. They voted in a way that resulted in the bill for changes in filibuster rules to fail. The vote was 52-48, and these two moderate senators sided with all Grand Old Party senators.

In a video following the voting and results, Sinema is seen shaking hands with multiple GOP senators. It looked like the senators were thanking her. The video has been shared on Twitter and is flooded with comments. A majority of these comments express feelings of utter outrage and disgust over the Democrat's actions. 


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It was pointed out that the one of the first people to shake Krysten Sinema's hand was John Kennedy. He is one of the eight GOP senators who voted to overturn Joe Biden's victory during 2020 elections. 


Following are some reactions. 

A user said, "She loves all the attention she is getting but she is getting the wrong kind of attention because the folks back home in AZ are watching and she won’t be back in 24."


Another user added their two cents and said, "She’s playing her cards well she knows she could still be elected if enough republicans and independents vote for her and unfortunately that is a real possibility."


This user said, "Don’t think so. She’s going to get a strong primary challenger from a real Democrat. If she wins that (unlikely) she will probably face a Trumper who will win the GOP primary. She’s not a real Democrat but she not a Republican either. Most AZ GOP would never vote for a Dem."


Another opinion shared on the platform went like, "Counterproductive to demonize those two. Maximum effort to elect more Dems. We’ve done spectacularly well with a thin house and 48 votes in the Senate. Imagine what we’d do with an Obama majority … with an FDR super majority. It’s within reach."


Explaining the consequences in a humorous way, one user said, "Congratulations! Thanks for making it harder for people to vote! We republicans know, the more voters, the less chance we have of winning.” 


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