Kyrsten Sinema roasted for 'F**k Off' ring and sipping Sangria in photo: 'Stylish enemy of the working class'

Netizens say they would 'rather walk barefoot on hot coals' than hang out with her

                            Kyrsten Sinema roasted for 'F**k Off' ring and sipping Sangria in photo: 'Stylish enemy of the working class'
Kyrsten Sinema's Instagram story is drawing flak (Instagram/kyrstensinema)

A picture of Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema sipping a drink and sporting an expletive-laden ring has been making the rounds online. Sinema was recently in the news because after voting to kill a $15 minimum wage, Sinema teamed up with Joe Manchin to headline the national conference of the restaurant lobbying group that led the battle to block the wage increase. In March, she attracted the ire of social media after her footage making a goofy show out of voting down a bill to raise the minimum wage for the first time in 12 years.

This time, it's her Instagram picture that has made the Internet mad. "Kyrsten Sinema, the Senate’s most colorful member, posts a pic of herself on instagram rocking a “F*** Off” ring & sipping what looks like Sangria," a Twitter user said, sharing the picture.




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Krysten Sinema (Getty Images)

The joke's on Sinema

Other netizens joined in with their own jokes, all of which were on Sinema. "Kyrsten Sinema - further proof that the Senate has outlived its usefulness. #Unicameral," said one. "the minimum wage in the state Kyrsten Sinema represents is $12.15 lol," said another. "Kyrsten Sinema is republican-light, but make it quirky," said a third. "All I can say about Kyrsten Sinema is when you have to try as hard as she does to be cool and edgy, you're not," said another.









Internet 'would rather walk barefoot on hot coals' than hang with her

"I couldn't care less about what rings Kyrsten Sinema wears or what she's drinking. I care that she acts like a Republican, standing in the way of ending the filibuster and protecting our voting rights," said another. "I would rather walk on hot coals in my bare feet than hang out with Kyrsten Sinema.," said a second. "Kyrsten Sinema is trying to raise the federal minimum wage to 11 dollars an hour when the minimum wage in her own state (Arizona) is 12 dollars an hour. I can’t think of any worse politics than doing something that doesn’t help a single constituent of yours," a third said. "Yeah, she said "fuck off" to poor people," wrote one. 









Sinema 'owns too many accessories'

Netizens expressed their general dislike for the Senator. "Aww that's so adorable, she got a ring made to commemorate killing a minimum wage increase," said one user sarcastically. As an Arizonan, I can’t wait to not vote for Kyrsten Sinema. If she were any worse of a senator, she would be legally required to change her name to Joe Manchin," said one. "If you haven’t spent your entire life around jack Mormon Gen X women who drive their Subarus to art shows in small towns where celebrities have second homes every weekend you are only picking up like 10% of what makes Kyrsten Sinema so intriguing," said another. "Kyrsten Sinema owns too many accessories. Someone should get to the bottom of that," said a third.

Another mocked her saying: "Nice outfit.... but she's against a minimum wage increase and gives speeches at pro union busting conferences she's a very stylish enemy of the working class











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