'Krypton 2' episode 2 reveals Brainiac is still out there while Lobo showcases his bludgeoning powers

'Krypton 2' episode 2 reveals Brainiac is still out there while Lobo showcases his bludgeoning powers

This article contains spoilers for 'Krypton' season 2 episode 2: 'Ghost In The Fire'

One of the noblest abilities Superman had was the readiness to sacrifice himself for the greater good. And now we know who's responsible for ingraining that quality in him - Seg-El. The second episode of 'Krypton' season 2 gives us a little more insight about the Man of Steel's grandfather and also a bit more about Lobo, the intergalactic bounty hunter, who made heads turn after his maiden appearance in the first episode. 

The second episode titled, 'Ghost In The Fire' answers a few questions about the supervillains, starting off with Doomsday. The iconic baddie was seen in three episodes in the first season and gets a brief cameo in the prologue of episode 2 as he takes down a couple of Sagitari reconnaissance jets in an unknown location. 


When we last saw Brainiac (Blake Ritson), he had his skull bashed to smithereens by Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) and just when we thought we saw the last of the evil genius, it so happened that the supervillain somehow managed to channel his consciousness into Seg's body rendering him more powerful than before (plus, it was the only way Brainiac could even have a chance of survival). Emmett J. Scanlan's Lobo gets a bit of a background story as well and shows what he's capable of when it comes to a fight.

One of the things to watch out for in the second episode is the exchange of blows between a Brainiac-possessed Seg, and Lobo. The latter shows us why he's clearly someone who mustn't be trifled with as he wallops Seg with his bare hands before Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos) uses Lobo's blaster to blow out a huge hole in his body, only to showcase Lobo's regeneration powers. 

The ever-noble Seg-El. (IMDb)

Seg with Brainiac inside him has some insane skills as well. The fight sequence between Seg and Lobo reminds us of the Neo-Mr. Anderson showdown from 'Matrix' until Lobo manages to pin him down.  Elsewhere, Lyta-Zod (Georgina Campbell) has taken over training Sagitari soldiers and does so with the utmost ruthlessness while still thinking of Seg. 

'Ghosts In The Fire' ties up most of the loose ends from the first episode. It manages to narrate the story seamlessly despite going at breakneck speed. The focus of the episode is more on Lobo's background and Scanlan continues to impress as the bad bast**d. If much of the season opener was a conversation, the second episode has a fair dose of fist fights and a pinch of comedy.

Lobo is the show-stopper again and now we know why Syfy confirmed a spin-off series following the bounty hunter's journey across the galaxy. Not just is he an egomaniac, but an awfully powerful one at that.  Episode 2 throws up new plot twists that could impact the main story over the course of the series, one that includes Seg requesting Strange to kill him. He explains that with Brainiac residing within him, it would be a bad move to get back to Krypton as there was no telling what Brainiac would do and the wisest move was to slay Seg so that Brainiac would end up in Colu and eventually become Lobo's victim. 


In all, if you are someone fancying a bout of some good old-fashioned punch-ups between characters, then this one's for you.

'Krypton' season 2 airs every Wednesday 10 p.m. EDT on Syfy.

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