Kristin Cavallari spills on Jay Cutler on 'Very Cavallari', says, "he has no game" when it comes to flirting

Jay did amass a sort of bad boy image while he was still in the NFL but Kristin went on to reveal that it was actually she who is the real player in the house, he has no game.

                            Kristin Cavallari spills on Jay Cutler on 'Very Cavallari', says, "he has no game" when it comes to flirting
Kristin Cavallari (Source:Getty Images)

According to Kristin Cavallari, her husband Jay Cutler "has no game" when it comes to flirting with women. In a newly released clip from her brand new show 'Very Cavallari', Kirstin is seen recalling the initial days of her relationship with her NFL player husband. "Jay was actually incredibly sweet. That was the man that I fell in love with, writing me love letters and love emails when I'd be in L.A. 'cause it was long distance," Kristin is seen telling her BFF Kelly, as reported by E! News.

And although Jay did amass a sort-of bad boy image while he was still in the NFL, she went on to reveal that it was actually she who was the real player in the house. "Jay has no game. Let me just put that on record. I don't know how he got me, but he has no game," Kristin jokes. "I have a much better game than Jay, trust."

Although the reality TV star kept poking fun at her husband throughout the duration of the show, her husband too did not lose the opportunity to tease her. "I'd come in town, we would have so much fun together and I don't know what happened," Kristin laments. "You decided to go to bed at 8:45 every night," Jay fires back. 

Things are looking up for the couple since they have recently bought a new house for themselves, and put up their old mansion on sale. Kristin and Jay recently listed their nearly 20,000-sq.-ft. Nashville home for $7.9 million, according to

However, the reality star revealed in a recent interview that both she and Jay have no plans to move out of the Music City anytime soon. “We’re moving to a new house. We’re moving to a lot more land and we’ll have chickens and goats and animals and we’re so excited!” The Hills alum shared with People Magazine.

In a confessional statement recently, Jay said that there are a lot of things which he and his wife adore about the house, but the one thing he loves most about their Nashville home is all the memories that they have created there through the years with their sons Camden, 5, and Jaxon, 4, as well as 2-year-old daughter, Saylor.

“This house has a lot to offer. We have a lot of memories in that house and we will miss it,” the former NFL pro said. “We got married and had three children since we have owned that house, so it’s been a huge part of our life and hopefully someone will enjoy it as much as we have.”

Kristin, who has made her return to TV with her new show, is also letting us in on the secrets of her enviable figure. In a recent interview, the 'Laguna Beach' alum, credited clean eating and weights as her way keeping her killer curves in check.

The 31-year-old mother of three kids has evaded the wrath of cellulite by completely eliminating gluten and dairy from her diet and replacing it with everything healthy under the sun. "I just feel so much better when I limit the amount of gluten I eat," Kristin said. "I do eat dairy, but not cow milk. I've done numerous blood tests over the years and cow's milk is always off the charts for me with sensitivity."

Despite giving birth to three kids, since her last stint on TV, Kristin has managed to stay the same. "I haven't had to diet in years. When I go out to eat or travel, I eat whatever I want and enjoy every second, but then I always get back on track," she said. "I lift weights four to five times a week for about 45 minutes. I don't do any cardio and I don't work out with a trainer. Nowadays, you don't really need a trainer. It's easy to find new moves on different apps and Google, if you're in a working out rut."

The founder of lifestyle brand Uncommon James which offers timeless, effortless and refined jewelry, for women on-the-go, Kristin swears by being an ardent consumer of natural forms of sugar. She said, 'Honey, maple syrup, and coconut sugar... Eating this way gives me more energy."

Ever since her new show has come into the limelight, Kristin has done a lot of interviews, one of which hears her speak about her decision to make a comeback to reality TV after her stint in 'Laguna Beach.' “It’s different when you’re 18 or 20 and it’s just you. But I have three kids. I’m a wife. It’s not just me anymore that I have to be responsible for and look out for,” she said in the interview.

 “So I have that security blanket just knowing I’m going to see everything beforehand, I can get things taken out if I want to. In that same breath, I want to make a good show. I know that I have to leave some stuff in there that may be personally is not my best moment, but I know that it’s good TV. As a producer, I’ve had to battle that a little bit.”

While there is no doubt that the show is going to be good, Kristin says it is not always about drama. “This is not the kind of show that we’re flipping tables. I didn’t want to do a show like that,” she said. Kristin revealed that Jay will also be making appearances on the show despite him not wanting to do so. “He never thought he would be doing a reality show, and he really wants no part of it but he’s doing it because he supports me of course," she said.