Kourtney Kardashian reveals Season 3 already in production amidst backlash about Kris leaking Kim Kardashian's sex tape

Kourtney Kardashian reveals Season 3 already in production amidst backlash about Kris leaking Kim Kardashian's sex tape
Kris Jenner and her daughters promote the upcoming season of their show 'The Kardashians' (Credits: Youtube/Access)

The Kardashian - Jenner clan usually makes it to every headline, be it for something good or bad. 'The Kardashians' was a reboot series after they wanted some solace and peace in their life and put a halt to the iconic dramas that was a part and parcel of 'Keeping up with the Kardashians'. It is safe to say they were bored with the peace and came back with 'The Kardashians' on Hulu and Disney+. For fans, it was like nothing changed. Hulu announced that the series premiere was the most-watched series premiere for the streaming service in its first three days in the US, and the most-watched Star Originals series on Disney+ and Star+ across global markets.

However, this time around as the premiere date of 'The Kardashians' Season 2 is approaching, there is a piece of good news for the Kardashian fans! Season 3 is already renewed. According to E!, the eldest sibling of the clan, Kourtney Kardashian recently confirmed that 'The Kardashians' third season is already in production. 'The Kardashians' second season is set to premiere on September 22, 2022.


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As the second season premiere date is right around the corner, a new conjecture has stirred up fans. Ray J, Kim's ex-boyfriend posted some screenshots where the two were conversing and it eventually broke the internet. According to the Daily Mail UK, Ray J doubled down on his claims that it was Kris Jenner's 'idea' to release his 2007 sex tape with her daughter Kim Kardashian, as he shared a lengthy rant aimed at the family. The hip-hop singer shared several Instagram posts on Saturday where he threatened to sue both of the stars for defamation, and uploaded a shorter clip where he stated: 'You have f***ed with the wrong person.'

After these posts surfaced online, some fans were displeased and have even turned against the clan and are now the Kardashians are facing the brunt of their wrath. A fan wrote, "The way Kim Kardashian pretended that Ray J leaked her sex tapes all these years and now we’re finding out it was actually her and Kris Jenner is absolutely insane! The way they were tearing down this black man for all these years is absolutely insane!!" A fan commented, "They’ve been lying for years, a lot of ppl knew but we never had the evidence from ray j to confirm it, kris just sells her kids for fame and fortune." A fan shared, "My Hulu is going up because you have to pay these entitled billionaires more money. Screw that show and Hulu. I’m cancelling you and the #kartrashians #Kardashians #cancelthekardashians". A fan wrote, "Hate to say it but come on Kim… thought u were better than this #cancelthekardashians #respectforrayj". A fan said, "What’s crazier is that if Kris didn’t do that polygraph and the show didn’t air that Roblox story there’d be no case. Statute on defamation in the state of California would have protected them. THEY brought this back up and dragged Ray J back through this with new allegations". "@hulu #hulu #CancelTheKardashians or loose subscribers! There are Many other streaming services out there 2 choose from n u r not needed! #boycotthulu for airing #kardashian show it’s disgraceful garbage!" a fan said. 







Regardless of the situation, 'The Kardashians' is all set for the premiere of its second season on  September 22, 2022, on Hulu and Disney+. 

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