Kodak Black suicide hoax: Rapper has 'no plans to hurt' himself after worrying post

Kodak Black suicide hoax: Rapper has 'no plans to hurt' himself after worrying post
Kodak Black (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Kodak Black, who is currently on probation in connection to his federal gun case, deleted his Instagram and Twitter account a few days ago after he revealed that he felt like killing himself as no one loved and cared about him. The ‘No Flockin’ hitmaker, however, made his comeback on Instagram on Saturday, October 9 with a lengthy post saying that it was not the best thing to tweet and it was very selfish of him to succumb to his thoughts.

The Florida native apologized to his loved one for his previous tweets saying that it was unfair to not admit those who were sticking to him. Kodak Black is currently completing a 90-day program after he violated his stipulations of his probation with a failed drug test. The rapper recently requested the judge to leave Florida for treatment. However, his request has been apparently denied.
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‘Haven’t committed suicide and have no plans to hurt myself’

In his comeback post to Instagram, Kodak Black shared a detailed note where he thanked everyone who was involved. The 24-year-old hip-hop artist ensured that he was not suicidal and had no plans to hurt himself after his social media meltdown. One of the excerpts from his note reads, “Thanks to everyone involved. As I understand, the phone and text made bold statements, but I haven’t committed suicide and have no plans to hurt myself. Don’t worry about that.” Kodak added, “I got a great support system and was surrounded by live performances. Someone put a false rumor in my head and it pushed me to the edge I couldn’t say, but overall I Is ok! “

]The rapper insisted that he needed a vacation but he was stuck in an unhealthy environment. “I really need a vacation, but I’m stuck in this unhealthy environment during probation. My only option is to run around the hood thugs.” Kodak further asserted that everyone has their days and it was fine to go through a phase.


Why did Kodak Black step down from social media?

Kodak Black shared a series of tweets where he spoke about being depressed and thought about killing himself. Fans expressed their concern after Kodak claimed that he was lonely, sad and f**ked up. Shortly before deactivating his Twitter, the rapper had posted, “Sitting in my Room Crying Feel like killing myself.” In another post, he added, “So Lonely Depressed Sad and F**ked Up… Nobody Love Me Nobody Cares…I’m Everywhere @ Once... Friends Playing in My Head…Girls Playin wit My Heart, Wish I Can Go Back To The Start I’ll Never Be Famous.”

Kodak recently grabbed headlines for comments he made during an interview with DJ Akademiks. The rapper spoke about Megan Thee Stallion not giving him due credit for his phrase "drive the boast," which is now used by her. "She don't know me. She ain't gotta say, 'Oh, thank you for this phrase' and s**t," said Kodak. "But when it came time for one of them people to like, ask her them little questions on the TV show and it was like, 'Who came up with that? Like, what rapper came up with that?' Understand? If that was me and I know like- okay, bro. It's a damn anthem. I ain't married to that s**t. I'ma come out with a new one."


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