Kobe Bryant crash: Victims' families sue chopper company, claim it 'negligently and carelessly breached its duty'

Kobe Bryant crash: Victims' families sue chopper company, claim it 'negligently and carelessly breached its duty'
Gianna and Kobe Bryant (Getty Images)

The helicopter crash that took the life of basketball legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter, future basketball ball star Gianna, had many other victims as well. Families of four victims that lost their lives in this horrific accident have filed wrongful death lawsuits following Kobe's wife Vanessa Bryant's act of taking the chopper company to court.

The families that lost their loved ones include the Altobelli family and Mauser family. The survivors of the Altobelli family include two Altobelli children and the survivors of the Mauser family include Christina Mauser's husband, her son and two daughters. All surviving members claim that the negligence of the chopper company, Island Express, resulted in the crash that took the lives of their family members.

TMZ has obtained both suits, in which the surviving members of the victim's families have claimed that the chopper company "negligently and carelessly breached its duty to own, lease, manage, maintain, control, entrust, charter and operate the helicopter in question in a reasonable manner". They claimed that the crash was a direct result of the chopper company's negligence, not only resulting in the death of their loved ones but also "insurmountable amount of anguish on every level — physical, emotional, mental and otherwise". The families are demanding damages for their own and for what their loved ones would have earned had they survive the awful crash and were able to currently work.
TMZ also reported that the chopped company, Island Express, might turn belly up with bankruptcy because Kobe's wive's damage claims are of a huge sum. While the insurance policy will only cover a certain amount, the claims will still need to be dealt with. During the time that Vanessa had filed the suit, Island Express told TMZ that the crash was due to an accident, implicating that they were not to be blamed for the tragic reality. It was also earlier reported that on the morning of the accident, LAPD has grounded helicopters because of bad weather - there was a lot of fog during the time that the helicopter carrying the star and other families — 6 other passengers —  had taken off.

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