Did Kitty Spencer convert to Judaism? LadyDi's niece took religious instruction before wedding

Did Kitty Spencer convert to Judaism? LadyDi's niece took religious instruction before wedding
Michael Lewis and Lady Kitty Spencer got married in Rome, Italy after years of dating (Instagram)

Princess Diana's niece Lady Kitty Spencer became the talk of the town after she married her longtime beau, South Africa-born tycoon Michael Lewis, in a grand ceremony at the Villa Aldobrandini in Frascati, Italy. She had a total of five changes of bespoke gowns, all hand-made and created by the label Dolce & Gabbana. Spencer and Lewis had been dating for many years before they officially decided to tie the knot. Lewis, who is five years elder to his wife's father Charles, is Jewish. Reports say Spencer took 'religious instruction' a full year before the wedding, a move that reflected her commitment to Lewis. 

Religious conversions are common amongst royals despite it being a disputable topic. Meghan Markle was baptized and was confirmed as a member of the Anglican church before she married Prince Harry to show her respect for the Queen. Duchess of Kent and Prince Edward's wife, Katharine, became the first British royal to convert to Catholicism since King Charles II, who had converted to the religion on his death bed, according to a report citing Los Angeles Times. 


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Lady Kitty Spencer stuns in Dolce & Gabbana wedding dress, skips Princess Diana's diamond tiara

Lady Kitty Spencer attends The Summer Party 2019, Presented By Serpentine Galleries And Chanel, at The Serpentine Gallery on June 25, 2019 in London, England (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

Did Princess Kitty Spencer convert to Judaism?

Lady Kitty and Michael Lewis' engagement made headlines in January 2020. However, the model was photographed wearing an engagement ring - a huge, rose-cut diamond surrounded by smaller stones on a platinum band, since June 2019 while she attended London's Cash & Rocket Masquerade Ball at the V&A. Lewis had reportedly married his ex-wife, Leola, with whom he shares three children in an Orthodox Jewish Service. He's an active member of the Jewish community and had previously pledged approximately $35 million to Oxford University to help fund a Professor of Israel Studies appointment. 

According to a Sunday Times report, a friend of Spencer had informed the outlet that the model was "taking religious instruction" at the beginning of 2020. However, the friend did not divulge any further details as to what branch of Judaism Spencer was converting to. According to an outlet, members of the Orthodox Jewish community follow practices including reading Hebrew and observing the Sabbath. They are also required to strictly follow dietary laws and are prohibited to eat any food which is considered non-kosher. Men and women need to attend the synagogue but sitting together is prohibited. Spencer has been photographed attending the synagogue with Lewis in the past. 


Lewis and Spencer's wedding was a three-day-long affair that kicked off on July 23, with a pre-wedding party at the Galleria Del Cardinale in Italy, and which was attended by the likes of Emma Weymouth, Marjorie Gublemann, Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina, and pop icon Pixie Lott amongst others. VIP guests were put up at the Hotel de la Ville in Italy and waiting for the guests upon arrival was a bag packed with a collection of gifts from the couple. 

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