'Kingdom': Bae Doona, the kickboxer Sun Bak from 'Sense8', will be laying the smackdown in Netflix period zombie horror

'Kingdom': Bae Doona, the kickboxer Sun Bak from 'Sense8', will be laying the smackdown in Netflix period zombie horror

South Korean actress Bae Doona might be a brilliant artist and a skilled photographer, but what she also happens to be is your go-to person when it comes to bringing to life characters that need to perform bada**es stunts. She was first presented to an international audience in the form of Sun Bak on the Netflix show, 'Sense8,' playing a kickboxing fighter, and now she has switched to slaying zombies in the streaming giant's upcoming horror, 'Kingdom.'

In 'Sense8' we saw Bae as one of the main characters, Sun, and play the role of an entrepreneur trying to climb the ladder of success, but with a twist. Sun also happened to be a rising star in the underground kickboxing scene - something that proved to be extremely beneficial for her once she was introduced to life as one of the titular 'sensate.' These sensates are people across the globe - a group of eight in all - who are connected to each other through their mind and emotions.

The official synopsis describes the show as, "The story of Sense8 begins when the psychic connection of eight strangers from different cultures and parts of the world is 'birthed' by a woman called Angelica, who kills herself to avoid capture by a man named 'Whispers'. The eight eventually discover they now form a cluster of 'sensates': human beings who are mentally and emotionally linked, can sense and communicate with each other, and can share their knowledge, language, and skills."

And, as one of these sensates, Sun Bak's character is sort of a proxy fighter appearing for her fellow sensates, or anybody in need, if they are fronted with a physical battle they aren't capable of fighting. Armed with skills of combat and a tragic past where she was forced to bear the brunt of her brother's embezzlement, after being subjected to a life of always being less preferred than him, Sun emerges to be the iconic bada** who is ever present as a savior, much like she had to take the fall for her brother. 

Bae Doona in a scene from 'Kingdom'. Source: Netflix
Bae Doona in a scene from 'Kingdom'. Source: Netflix

Now, almost as an extension of that character cut short by an abrupt cancellation of the show, Bae is returning to the screen on the same streaming platform's latest international drama, this time as a kick-a** zombie slayer.

Bae is no stranger to Korean dramas, especially with her last year's hit series 'Stranger' for which she earned rave reviews; and now, as the date for Kingdom's release approaches, anticipation is building up with regards to the details about the character she is playing on the uniquely aesthetic zombie horror from Kim Seong-hun, written by Kim Eun-hee.

The official synopsis for the eight-part Netflix series dropping January 25 reveals: "In a kingdom defeated by corruption and famine, a mysterious plague spreads to turn the infected into monsters. The crown prince, framed for treason and desperate to save his people, sets out on a journey to unveil what evil lurks in the dark."

It is these infected monsters that come back as the dead rising against the living and Bae's character can be seen in the trailer trying to warn the crown prince (Ju Ji-hoon) about the dangers approaching, and also smacking the daylights out of a few of them herself.

So, attention 'Sense8' fans, if you have been missing a certain Sun Bak plunging into action, this might be your chance at witnessing her in all her glory as she takes on zombies!

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 Kingdom Bae Doona kickboxer Sun Bak from Sense8 will be in Netflix period zombie horror