Kim Zolciak called out for sharing photo of 5-year-old daughter's butt on Instagram

Kim Zolciak called out for sharing photo of 5-year-old daughter's butt on Instagram

'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star Kim Zolciak has been slammed for posting a photograph of her 5-year-old daughter's bum on her Instagram handle.

The TV star posted a picture of her daughter Kaia riding a scooter while her trousers were falling down. Kim captioned the picture and wrote, "Kaiabiermann is out here enjoying her new scooter." She also shared that her daughter was "living her best life". Even though she blurred her daughter's bum, many fans are not pleased with the choice of picture

In the picture, little Kaia is seen wearing a pink helmet and a pair of striped trousers. Since being uploaded, the picture has garnered around 60,000 likes.


Many people believe that the picture is bait for pedophiles and told Kim to take the picture down. One fan wrote, "Not cool. There’s a lot of pedophiles out there…Even tho [sic] this is blurred out I just think this is too much. There are other pics you can post." While another fan shared, "Too much pedophiles and abductors out there… take it down."


A third fan added, "It’s very innocent but it’s something that shouldn’t be shared on social media because she’s a star and shouldn't have posted a picture of her daughter and there’s a lot of weirdos and creeps on the internet." Another outraged fan said, "Poor choice as a mother. You need to rethink this to protect your daughter from evil elements."

However, not all people were of the opinion that the picture was such an issue and one fan shared, "Leave her baby alone!!! She's a kid having fun."

This is not the first time that Kim has been called out for questionable parenting, earlier she was accused of photo editing Kaia's bum to look bigger in a picture, given that it appeared much smaller in the original picture. Early last year, the Instagram handle 'thegoodthebadandthefake' claimed that Kim had edited Kaia's picture.


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They shared side by side pictures of Kaia which included the original picture clicked by one of Kim's older daughters 21-year-old Brielle. Kim was also accused of making Kaia look more tanned and also for slimming her nose. 

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 Kim Zolciak called out photo of 5-year-old daughter's butt Instagram