Kim's 'soul dies' over Tristan's paternity scandal as fans call on sisters to DISOBEY Kris's diktat

Kim's 'soul dies' over Tristan's paternity scandal as fans call on sisters to DISOBEY Kris's diktat
Kim and Kourtney on 'The Kardashians' (Hulu)

Nothing can be said about Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian's relationship that hasn't been said already. Between all the lies and the cheating, it looks like the pair is finally done for good, although they do have an amicable relationship as they co-parent their daughter.

The biggest shock was certainly when Tristan admitted to fathering a child with Maralee Nichols. It was definitely the final nail in the coffin, as the pair then parted ways. And it looks like Episode 9 of 'The Kardashians' details what went down when the news came to light.

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Episode 9 saw Khloe and Kris sit down and talk about relationships, with Kris opening up about how Tristan often talks to her about marriage. Khloe echoed the same sentiment, stating that they often spoke about it too. Kris mentioned that to Tristan, marriage is a way to regain a 'fresh start' and start a 'new chapter' and move past the cheating from his end. Khloe agreed, stating that they were ready to move past those toxic situations, noting that people should be able to have multiple chances and relationships take work. Khloe spoke about how she loves marriage and takes it seriously, with Kris noting that she was 'the best wife'.

Khloe noted that she wasn't with Tristan just to 'float around' and that 'marriage is the end goal', but also agreed that there was still work to be done. Famous last words indeed, seeing that the episode certainly took a darker turn. Towards the end of the episode, Kim found out about Tristan having cheated on Khloe after his 30th birthday when Khloe threw him a party. Tristan, who went to Houston after the celebration, ended up sleeping with Maralee Nichols and went public about his infidelity. While Kim was livid, she claimed that her 'soul dies' for Kourtney, who was again caught in the middle. Fans were just as livid seeing it all play out onscreen.

"I hope the kardashians will go against Kris Jenner’s “dont say a bad word about the father” advice and join me in trashing the shit out of tristan. Do u know how psychotic it is to have won khloe back and then do the exact same thing but also produce a child???!! #Kardashians" tweeted a fan. "How many chances Tristan gonna get?!??? He not embarrassed coming around her family again after he f--k around on her? Like not even a lil bit? #Kardashians" added another. "Tristan Thompson is such a piece of shit to Khloe and a sad excuse for a man. Khloe deserves the world.  #Kardashians #khloekardashian #TristanThompson" said a fan. "in the begin on the episode khloe was saying she wants to marry tristan. end of episode she finds out he got a girl pregnant after the party khloe threw for him on his birthday. WHY IS SHE STAYING! #Kardashians" wrote another. "@kardashianshulu ok I don’t understand this Tristan character. He keeps telling my fave character Khloé he loves her, but CONSTANTLY cheats. Why y’all write him like that? It’s frustrating  #Kardashians #cheatercheaterpumpkineater" asked a fan.






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