Kim Potter GRINS in mugshot after guilty verdict, Internet says 'her smile is pure evil'

Kim Potter GRINS in mugshot after guilty verdict, Internet says 'her smile is pure evil'
Ex-Minnesota cop Kim Potter's sentencing is scheduled to take place on February 18, 2022 (Hennepin County Sheriff)

Former Minnesota police officer Kim Potter was seen smiling widely in her mugshot taken after she was found guilty in the death of Daunte Wright. When the verdicts were read, however, Potter showed little emotion in the court. Kim Potter, who fatally shot a Black man, Daunte Wright, during a traffic stop, was found guilty of first- and second-degree manslaughter on Thursday, December 23. She will be held without bail. 

Daunte Wright, 20, a biracial man who identified as Black, was shot dead by Potter on April 11, 2021, during a traffic stop. Police later said that Potter meant to use her taser, but used her gun accidentally instead, shooting Wright in the chest. Potter was subsequently arrested on April 14, charged with second-degree manslaughter and booked into the Hennepin County Jail. She was later released on $100,000 bail. Back then, the shooting prompted widespread protests across Brooklyn Center.


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Kim Potter's bizarre smile in the mugshot prompted loads of reactions on social media. "What is Kim Potter smiling about? Seems she knows something we don't?!?" one user wrote on Twitter. "The SMILING MUG SHOT post conviction confirms the MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL INSTABILITY of this PERSON! How did she ever BECOME A COP??" wrote another user.



While one user wrote, "After her conviction for manslaughter. Kim Potter was all smiles in her mugshot. Yep, the tears were to escape accountability. More evidence that white women use tears as weapons", while another wrote, "New Kim Potter mugshot. She's smiling like she thinks she's going to win an appeal of her conviction." "Kim Potter smiling in mugshot after verdict. This is the face of someone who knows she's getting very little time off any. Wow. She's trash," one user said. 



"Her smile is pure evil. Hope the judge has a copy of Kim Potter’s mugshot when determining sentencing. She shows no remorse for having killed someone - accidentally or not. Mugshot shows the jury got it right," wrote one user. "So glad Kim Potter smiled in her mugshot. Praying it works against her @ sentencing, complete lack of remorse. I wasn't fooled by those crocodile tears. Unlike Kyle Rittenhouse's, this adventure at Waterworks Park did not yield the same results. People are sick of dirty cops," another wrote.



Kim Potter's sentencing is scheduled to take place on February 18, 2022. Attorneys on both sides will now be given time to prepare their arguments in favor of the sentence they wish to see Potter get. A probation officer also will conduct what is called a pre-sentence investigation. Information that could be relevant at the sentencing will now be gathered, including about Potter’s life and history. Potter will remain in custody and will be held without bail.

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