Kim Kardashian accused of another photoshop fail on Instagram

Kim Kardashian accused of another photoshop fail on Instagram
Kim Kardashian (Getty Images)

This wouldn't be the first time that Kim Kardashian has posted a hot as hell selfie on Instagram, neither would it be the first time when she's been accused of photoshopping one. In her recent Instagram post, the reality star is wearing her Calvin Klein underwear and bra in black as she's snapping a well-lit selfie with her phone.

Her dark waves are tousled and the mom of three looks gorgeous. Her tiny waist, as usual, is well accentuated, but the problem lies in the background.

The selfie was a part of the 2017 Calvin Klein shoot and was from behind the scenes. But as usual, nothing remains hidden from her millions of fans.

Some fans spotted that the door on the back of her right leg didn't look right — thus accusing her of photoshopping yet another picture of herself.


One Instagram user was furious commenting, "Giving girls everywhere unrealistic body image expectations... Lol photoshopped!! Not hate just saying... Photoshopped... Lmfao you seriously need to chill on the Photoshop..." while another went, "Is the door curved down next to her left leg? looololoooolol... you can literally see the distortion lines lol but i love her... Photoshop fail... this cant be real... I apologize."

A third one chimed in, "Her left hip that she has popped out, the door comes in and slants closer to the other door. I wish I could just mark on it, but honestly I could totally be wrong. It definitely wouldn’t be the first time. LOL."

In a similar incident last month, Kim was caught in a photoshop fail after she posted a picture of herself in a pair of black cycling trunks and a grey crop top, under an orange hoodie paired with nude colored flipflops.

It was a paparazzi shot — unlike a selfie this time. Kim was photographed while she had gone to Washington DC with hubby Kanye and daughter North to participate in the historic Mach of Our Lives.


The photo uploaded on her Instagram had been tweaked too much to keep her body as hourglass looking as possible — that she had ended up squishing a car behind and bending the curb behind her. 

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