Kim Kardashian accused of exploiting her children for publicity

Kim Kardashian took to Instagram to share a photo of her daughter and son but people think it is inappropriate

                            Kim Kardashian accused of exploiting her children for publicity
KIm Kardashian West and North West (Source : Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian is not shy to share photos of her kids. Unlike others who would like to keep a photo album it appears that for Kim, her photo album is Instagram. The mother of three has shared photos with her babies every now and then but her latest picture caused a storm of reactions as people accused her of using her children as a means of publicity. 

The picture showed North and Saint West sitting in the bathtub enjoying a nice bath. One could see how the siblings were enjoying their bath and trying to enjoy each other's company. While Kim would have thought that she had the perfect shot of her kids, others thought that the picture was inappropriate for social media.

 “This picture is wrong, period. Some things are meant to be taken and stayed within the eyes of the home. Celebrities get away with things, DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT,” one user commented. 

While another wrote, "This type of photograph belongs in a personal album you can look back at. I have many baby pictures like this too BUT as a celebrity, she should know better this is only going to cause controversy and more attention….”

Some people questioned why Kim even posted the picture. “You just don’t show pictures of your kids to the world like this," the comment read. While another noted, "you just don’t show pictures of your kids to the world like this. she [has] to learn some things are just private all things are not for the world to see.”

This is not the first time Kim has been slammed for a photo she has uploaded on her Instagram. The reality star took to her Instagram to share a picture of her enjoying a lollipop which reportedly helps is suppressing one's appetite. People were quick to respond to the post negatively as they thought that the Kardashian was trying to paint a picture of unreal beauty standards for others. 

"Yuck Kim. You have a daughter. How would you feel if she felt so horrible in her own skin that she feels like she has to starve herself to feel worthy? I am sure with your mountains of millions that you could go without promoting this vile product. But no, anything for a quick buck eh," one fan wrote.

While another said, "This is so, so wrong. As someone who has been battling and recovering from an eating disorder for 5 years now, this is awful. This is such an awful thing to promote to an audience. Seeing this makes me so, so sad."