Kim Jong Un’s sister Kim Yo Jong reportedly seen in public for first time in 2 months after July disappearance

Kim Jong Un’s sister Kim Yo Jong reportedly seen in public for first time in 2 months after July disappearance
Kim Yo Jong (Getty Images)

In August, in reports stated, Kim Yo Jong, sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, had disappeared from public view. According to a Daily Mail article, Kim Yo Jong was last seen in public on July 27. In a recent article by The Sun, it was reported that Kim Yo Jong has now been seen for the first time in two months since she had "mysteriously vanished" amid apparent and rumored fears that her brother might have killed her. According to the report, Yo Jong, also commonly referred to as her brother's "number two" joined Kim Jong Un on a trip to a village that had suffered from flooding and typhoons.

Since her last public appearance in July, the dictator's sister referred to as the "second-in-command" by a South Korean official had media and intelligence experts wondering what happened to her. There were fears that she was keeping a low profile so as to not anger her brother. With this recent public appearance, it could be assumed that she may not have had a falling out with the ruler of North Korea even as speculations had grown that he might have been angered at speculations claiming Yo Jong would take over from him. These speculations arose when Kim Jong-un had disappeared for weeks earlier this year, leaving people wondering if his health is deteriorating - some even speculated the rigorous leader could have been in a coma. Kim Yo Jong may not be in charge of current events, but has been to summits, other key events on the country's agenda and was last seen at an event marking 67 years since the end of the Korean War.

Her recent appearance brought a bit of relief to speculators that assumed she had been killed by her brother, as state media photos show her at a village in Kimhwa county. This, according to South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency, occurred on Thursday. These speculations weren't uncalled for to say in the least considering the many executions stories from defectors that have been told about the country. Not to mention, the reports that people suspected to have contracted the coronavirus were executed for not obeying precautions when it came to isolation. There have also been reports of musicians being killed by anti-aircraft guns, bodies in the North's territorial waters and bodies being torched after being shot.

As for proof of Kim Yo Jong's awaited appearance, there is a photo where the dictator is seen laughing with officials with his sister a bit farther behind him. Yet another photo shows Yo Jong walking along with her brother and others including officials as they walk through a field. The country's state media revealed that the dictator had said, "This year has been the one of unprecedented hardships but it will be a year of great victory with particularly great worth of struggle." The Sun further reported that while Kim Jong Un had applauded the reconstruction work done in the area after the floods, he "felt regretful" that the new houses were "monotonous" in design.

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