'Killing Eve' Season 3 Episode 5 Preview: Will Villanelle kill someone in her own family next?

Villanelle reunites with her family in the Russian countryside, but they just can't fathom why someone would come to visit them all the way from London

                            'Killing Eve' Season 3 Episode 5 Preview: Will Villanelle kill someone in her own family next?
Jodie Comer as Villanelle (BBC America)

After yet another odd job for Konstantin - read murder - Villanelle finally knows who and where her family is. The previous episode shows her arrive in a quaint little Russian town and as she hops off to the miniature platform, she clutches her throat - her hiccups are gone. Villanelle must really have been scared enough, based on her latest victim's dictum of fear curing hiccups. But it is her family that we are very, very scared for right now. The official teaser shows her with a giant knife as her siblings get into her personal space, but we have reason to believe that Villanelle's next murder is going to be someone from her family. 

Known for her excellent penchant for disguises, it's no wonder that the city-dwelling fashionista, who likes to keep herself surrounded by art, culture, and all things in vogue, was able to fit right into the dirt and dung of the Russian countryside. Her family has clearly never been to the city, with a child-related to her knowing nothing more about London than Elton John, asking her if she too is from Pinner. Rocketman's growing popularity much? Her family is clearly quite taken with her, and even though she keeps being asked why she came all the way from London ("Cause I got the hiccups," she answers), her brother has a hard time giving her any space.


Constantly holding her close and cheering for her proudly when she wins the dung-throwing competition at the local fair in her very first attempt, Villanelle can't quite handle these bunch of hillbilly misfits she has suddenly landed in the midst of.

But the voiceover from someone presumably in her family claims, "I know a killer when I see one and she's a killer" - raising suspicions over how Villanelle might react to these outrageous, albeit accurate perceptions.

We think it will be with a dash of murder, or perhaps yet another elaborate scene; and even though this time, there is no Eve to hoist her flag of mayhem to, a particular scene of Villanelle holding a giant kitchen knife with red liquid streaming out of her eyes like tears of blood are enough to hint at all the massacre and menace she is about to unleash. And if her family keeps invading her space the way they seem to be, there's no doubt they will end up being her victims. 

'Killing Eve' season 3 airs on Sundays at 9 PM only on AMC.

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