'Killing Eve' season 2: Who are The Twelve that Villanelle works for?

We know Villanelle works for The Twelve, who hire her to carry out assassinations. But who exactly does The Twelve comprise of?

                            'Killing Eve' season 2: Who are The Twelve that Villanelle works for?

When 'Killing Eve's season one ended on that exceptionally teasing cliffhanger, we had a lot of questions leaving us absolutely mind boggled and confused. A year later, with the second season being just weeks away from its premiere, we still don't have answers to most of those questions, one of them being who exactly are The Twelve? And more importantly, will season 2 finally offer some insight and detail into who the organization comprises of?


The first time we came across The Twelve, or their agenda, was all the way in episode 5 of season 1, titled 'I Have A Thing About Bathrooms', where we find out about the shady nature of the organization. We learn that they are a shadowy, but very meticulously functioning bunch of people who recruit and use assassins to get all their dirty work done. And of course, when we say dirty work, we mean cold-blooded murders.


The Twelve is introduced to viewers as an organization that hires Villanelle (Jodie Comer) - the psychopath assassin - to murder people, while she absolutely has no clue who the people she is working for, are. She does the task at hand, and Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) acts as a guiding light, instructing her about what is expected of her by The Twelve. But the identity of the people who are a part of The Twelve remains a mystery to both her and the viewers throughout the season - leaving a faint hope that maybe this second installment might shed some light on exactly who these people controlling Villanelle are.


So far, the only bit of information on The Twelve that we have come across are passing mentions, and one very distinct remark from Villanelle, where she tells the titular MI5 agent Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh), "If you went high enough, you'll find we work for the same people."

This definitely raises an alarm, because Eve works for the most elite section of central intelligence. So for The Twelve to have a reach at both the prime police force functioning in the city, as well as have assassins on call to finish their murky jobs, the organisation would have to be pretty legitimate, and also one with resources at the top ranks - thus further establishing the dangerous and sinister nature of whatever is it they are up to. 


In one of the teaser photos released from the upcoming season, we see Konstantin and Villanelle engaged in a conversation, where he asks her what she wants, and her response is a calm and collected assurance of how she just 'wants to do her job really well.'

This mention of a 'job' that Villanelle has undertaken could be a task assigned to her by The Twelve - thus confirming the possibility of them being much more present and active in the new season than they were in the debut one. But whatever - or rather, whoever - The Twelve turn out to be, by the looks of things so far, it can never be anything good.

'Killing Eve' season 2 premieres on April 7, only on BBC America.