'Killing Eve' season 2: Villanelle's total disregard for fashion makes her more dangerous to Eve

'Killing Eve' season 2: Villanelle's total disregard for fashion makes her more dangerous to Eve

Spoiler alert for 'Killing Eve'.

The premiere of the highly anticipated season 2 of 'Killing Eve' is less than a week away and this is as good a time as can ever be to address what a total toss our iconic serial killer lead Villanelle's fashion sense goes for in the initial parts of the upcoming season. Teasers snippets, promotional photos, and the full trailer of the upcoming season have already established that Jodie Comer's murderous psychopath is far from dead, as her nemesis-cum-star-crossed love, the titular Eve (Sandra Oh) believes her to be.

But the whole undead vibe isn't the only thing going for the assassin, as the cat-and-mouse chase between her and Eve resumes for round two. Considering how chic and impeccably dressed Villanelle has always been, it's really a matter of concern that she, of all people on the show, would choose to dress like that. But what does it mean for the expressionist via clothing that her character is? Is something far sinister lurking behind the simpleton outfits?


That Villanelle is going through a crisis is no secret anymore, thanks to the abundance of teasers BBC America has shared ahead of season 2's premiere.

The debut season's finale ended on an extremely teasing cliffhanger where Eve finally was able to track Villanelle down, and while the two of them lay in bed — possibly culminating the blatant sexual tension between them — Eve chose to drive a knife straight into her target's abdomen. And by the time she was able to collect herself and get Villanelle a towel to stop the bleeding, the latter had already jumped off the balcony of the apartment where all of this was unfolding.

Season 2 wastes no time and starts off exactly 30 minutes after what transpired between our favorite leads, and the first time we get a glimpse of Villanelle in the trailer, she is terribly injured and in severe pain. As if a stab to the guts wasn't painful enough already, it came from the object of her obsession — meaning a double blow — and let's add to that the fall from the balcony, and voila: Villanelle is pretty much meandering through the worst of crises and to make things worse, the outfits she manages to clad herself in aren't exactly helping her case either.


Okay, perhaps that's a bit extreme for someone who has been just literally stabbed by the person she had been chasing for months, and not to forget the fact that she is broke both financially, and literally, thanks to the fall. But at the same time, there's no denying that fashion and Villanelle go side by side without faltering ever. She might be a serial assassin hired to do all the dirty deeds, and the number one target of MI6 agent, Eve, but she's a serial assassin with a closet full of couture; so this digression from fashion is amusing, and alarming in equal parts to witness.


The most plausible reason behind Villanelle opting for some absolutely unlikely clothing — such as white clogs and boys' pajamas with bright colors — is that she is trying to be as invisible as possible. On her run from the hospital, she does not want to be seen so naturally, she chooses to dress up in something that anybody who knows her, wouldn't expect her to be walking around in. And there lies the charm of the insidious psychopath murderer that Villanelle is; in her pursuit of all this 'normal', she has skillfully mastered the art of blending in to such a nuanced normalcy that she could be right behind Eve, and yet the agent would have no clue about it — as some newly released photos from season 2 reveal.


So as Villanelle walks around the streets of Paris, stealing uncoordinated garments from random laundromats and trying to fit in a world where she doesn't want to be seen, the danger for Eve only amplifies even as the differences between her and Villanelle decrease. So far we have known Eve as the queen of fashion disasters, but perhaps this time around, Villanelle has a new trick up her sleeve to draw the object of her obsession in. Maybe this time Villanelle is channeling her inner Eve to get closer to the one person she wants to live her 'normal' life with.

'Killing Eve' returns with its second season on Sunday, April 7, only on BBC America.

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