'Killing Eve' season 2 trailer: Villanelle is back to playing games and Eve seems far from her normal self

Is Eve in danger? Does the chase get intense the way it did last season? Will there be another face-off? So. Many. Questions!

                            'Killing Eve' season 2 trailer: Villanelle is back to playing games and Eve seems far from her normal self

After months and months of impatient waiting, BBC America just dropped the first trailer of its epic thriller, 'Killing Eve' season 2 and honestly! It was every bit worth the wait. From the gripping plot accompanied by an eerie soundtrack to a sexually charged cat-and-mouse chase between the main characters FBI agent Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) and the killer, Villanelle (Jodie Comer) - everything falls into place as the cliffhanger from the debut season's finale is offered closure within the first few minutes of the trailer. Yet for those eager and hungry to know more about the finer details, here are the top five takeaways from the trailer:

1.  Villanelle is far from dead

Remember when Eve was tasked with the mission of hunting down Villanelle and owing to her obsession with female killers, she got roped into a steamy predicament with Villanelle? We thought all of that ended when she stabbed the villain in the back with a knife, but the chase is very much back on in this upcoming installment of the show. The action picks up from where they had left off in the finale, and within the first few minutes, it is announced that Eve has found Villanelle. But even though she claims she might have killed her, Villanelle is pretty much alive and she soon resorts to her old tactics - sending gifts with cryptic messages to Eve - triggering her to come find her. Speaking of gifts, this also arrives just in time for Valentine's Day, both for Eve and the fans as well, as Villanelle sends her candy hearts in a box, spelling out her own name. 


2. Dark humor remains intact

Trust 'Killing Eve' to maintain its content of dark humor in the second season just the way it was brimming with the same in its debut installment. A perfect example of that is the opening scene of the trailer where Eve announced on the phone that she might have killed Villanelle, and then she realized she said that out loud in public, in front of a couple getting engaged. Classic Eve! In another scene, Villanelle's current state is shown - limping with obvious injuries, yet preparing dinner for probably a significant other - but as she gets asked what she's looking for with a knife in her hand, she casually answers "A butcher knife to stab you with."



3. The hunter becomes the hunted, once again

In a very Zodiac Killer fashion, Villanelle has always been fond of mocking those looking for her. But once Eve was assigned the task of killing her, she took a certain keenness to send her gifts and cryptic messages every now and then, teasing and taunting her, exhibiting her blatant attraction for Eve through the same. And as fate would have it, the pattern continues aplenty in this season too! From the aforementioned heart-shaped gift box to luring Eve to what seems like a hotel room in a scene from the trailer, Villanelle is leaving no stone unturned to hunt down Eve. Whether it is out of her romantic interest, or vindictive pursuits - we can't confirm yet!



4. Steamy sequences reappear

There was no denying the sexually charged chase that was Eve's hunt of Villanelle, and even though it was mostly from the latter's end, this season Eve looks a little bit tormented and frustrated every time she comes close to Villanelle. She is a brainiac detective if not anything else, so her self awareness levels must have peaked long ago - but her torment is amusing to witness because it is a classic case of feeling disoriented out of an unexplainable attraction towards the villain. Who knows, maybe the lying in bed scene from the season 1 finale will finally reach closure this time and give fans all the more reason to rejoice as the two polar opposites come together.



5. Villanelle's chase for a 'normal' life continues, but she wants it all with Eve

It was established in the very first season that Villanelle is not your regular assassin. All she wants is "Normal stuff. Nice life. Cool flat. Fun job. Someone to watch movies with." And even though the great fall she suffered seems to have landed her in the hospital, preventing her from moving around too much, the domestic life she has grown accustomed to - with a possible new victim - isn't all that she wants. Instances of her murderous urges jump out subtly in the trailer and from her obsessive tracking down of Eve, it is clear that she is still on the pursuit of a normal life, but it is Eve who she wants to watch her 'movies with.'

'Killing Eve' returns on air on April 7, only on BBC America.

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