'Killing Eve' Season 2: Niko Polastri's marriage is in shambles and his life might be in danger too

At the very end of season 1, we saw Eve and Niko's relationship saturated with mistrust and lack of faith and eventually, Niko leaves their apartment. So, what's next for the two?

                            'Killing Eve' Season 2: Niko Polastri's marriage is in shambles and his life might be in danger too

Killing Eve's season 1 finale left off at a crossroads, where the titular MI6 agent Eve Polastri had just stabbed her target, the psychopath assassin Villanelle, whom she had also grown extremely obsessed with. But that wasn't the only crisis fronting Sandra Oh's character Eve, as there were also subliminal hints about her marriage going to shambles.

This is extremely concerning because Eve was married to Niko Polastri - one of the only normal characters on the show - something that raises the question about what lies ahead for the caring husband that we saw in Owen McDonell's Niko. There might be a lot of questions surrounding Eve that are yet to be answered after season 1, but out of them, the most burning one happens to be her marriage.

As the debut season progressed, we saw Niko be his typically caring math teacher self, trying his best to be as accommodating of his wife's current assignment as he can. But sadly, conflict arose in the end, as Eve began getting more and more obsessed with her target, Villanelle (Jodie Comer), and her curiosity about the assassin's whereabouts began straining her marriage to Niko. 


Even though there was no official or vocal confirmation on the show about the two of them having separated, at one point in the finale, Eve tells Villanelle, "I've lost two jobs, a husband and a best friend because of you." At the very end of season 1, we see Eve and Niko's relationship saturated with mistrust and lack of faith in each other, and eventually, Niko leaves their apartment.

Add to that the possibility of Eve having developed real feelings for Villanelle, and it suddenly makes sense why Eve thinks she and Niko are over. But that doesn't reduce the threat Niko could end up facing from Villanelle, because right at the beginning of the trailer for season 2, Villanelle, quite eerily, says: “When you love someone, you do crazy things.”

Now, we have already seen Villanelle do some pretty erratic, insane things to capture Eve's attention and tease, and mock the agent, as she tried luring her in, but all of that was in the debut season. In the coming season, Villanelle might be broke, injured, and reeling under the shock of having been backstabbed, yet her obsession with Eve is relentless and knows no bounds.


It's clear she would go to any lengths to win Eve, and romantically, the only hindrance in her way right now is Niko. Granted it's just a speculation, but it's not unlikely for Villanelle's twisted mind to look for ways to get back at Eve, and Niko is the easiest way to do that. She knows she could just hurt Eve and be done with it, but hurting Niko, or worse, killing him, will leave Eve in added pain and guilt, and that would be Villanelle's ultimate prize.

Also, let's not forget the fact that Villanelle wants to keep Eve all to herself, as she continued with her teasing flirtation with the MI6 agent in the season 2 trailer. So, taking Niko out of her way would only get her a step closer to acquiring Eve. In short, the perfect plan. In fact, the first trailer of season 2 has a scene where Villanelle is in a kitchen and a man's voice in the background asks her what she's looking for, to which she replies with a smile saying "A kitchen knife [...] to stab you with." The camera doesn't reveal who this man is, but could it be Niko after all?


Sadly, at the end of the day, he is an innocent, fairly decent, if not compelling man posed by the risk of being wiped off by a psychopath assassin, and let's be real: Niko Polastri doesn't deserve that!

'Killing Eve' returns with season 2 Sunday, April 7, only on BBC America.