'Killing Eve' season 2 finale will see things getting violent between Eve and Villanelle

'Killing Eve' season 2 finale will see things getting violent between Eve and Villanelle

This weekend will see the end of the second season of 'Killing Eve,' and by the looks of it, the trailer for the final and eighth episode of this season is practically killing it with suspense!

For the longest part of this season, we have seen things between our titular MI6 agent, Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh), and her former target assassin turned partner in a new case, Villanelle (Jodie Comer), go from rocky to stable and back to antipathy again. But things are definitely not ending on a positive note in the finale, titled 'You're Mine.'

BBC America has released the new promotional trailer for the upcoming finale, and even though it starts off with Eve being offered coffee by her coworker and recent hook-up -Hugo, in the end, it all boils down to her feelings for Villanelle. 

The trailer shows what seems like a confrontation between Villanelle and her handler, Konstantin (Kim Bodnia), and they are discussing something that the latter reveals wasn't his idea.

A very sad Villanelle responds by saying, "It never is," and while it's possible that they are discussing their undercover mission to bust the villainous Aaron Peele's (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) questionable business prospects, there's also a high chance that all of this has something to do with Villanelle's feelings for Eve.

Well, pretty much everything on the show has to do something with how Eve and Villanelle feel for each other, but this looks like a whole different ballgame simply because of the traces of violent outbursts in the trailer.



We see a very scared Eve questioning herself as to why she decided to follow Villanelle on their mission to Rome. This could mean that Peele has been able to see through Villanelle's facade as 'Billie', and is now coming after them. But in another scene, Villanelle seems to knock someone out with a slap and on the receiving end is Eve. This takes us back to the sixth episode where Villanelle had told Eve that she likes her, but she doesn't like her enough to tolerate whatever bullsh*t Eve might be throwing at her, so it's quite possible that the so far lovesick Villanelle has officially snapped. And that can never be a good thing.


The trailer makes the upcoming finale look like quite the action-packed episode, with Eve flinging wooden logs and Villanelle being flung across rooms by unseen people. But the highlight of the trailer has to be Villanelle telling some, "I thought you were special," and even though the obvious recipient of that phrase would be Eve, it could also be a possible trap Villanelle is setting up for Peele to bust the godforsaken psychopath. How romantic!

'Killing eve' returns with its last and eighth episode of season 2 on Sunday, May 26, at 9 pm, only on BBC America.

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