'Killing Eve' season 2: Will the focus finally shift to Eve Polastri's dark past from the spotlight on mysterious Villanelle?

Actress Sandra Oh, who plays Eve, has mentioned several times in the past how everything is going to get much darker for the character, especially in the upcoming season

                            'Killing Eve' season 2: Will the focus finally shift to Eve Polastri's dark past from the spotlight on mysterious Villanelle?

BBC America's highly acclaimed suspense thriller 'Killing Eve' is all set to return for round two, and the extremely thrilling joyride of a trailer for the second season which dropped just around a week ago has raised some serious questions. The most important of all being whether Sandra Oh's character Eve Polastri will get a more heightened focus than the antagonist Villanelle, played by Jodie Comer.

To say that there wasn't enough build up or development to Eve's character in the first season would be wrong. She went from a regular MI6 agent obsessed with female killers to being exclusively obsessed with Codename: Villanelle.

The more she tried to see the villain as nothing but a coldblooded murderer, the more she was teased and taunted by her _ thus turning the cat and mouse chase into a game charged by pure sexual tension. The fact that the finale of the debut season ended on such a cliffhanger after having explored Villanelle's side of the tale, only leads us further to believe that maybe this time around, it will be Eve and her past that we will figure out some more.


Oh, who was recognized by awards and critics throughout the year for her brilliant depiction of the MI6 agent, herself has admitted how challenging and driven times are going to get for her character on the show. "Eve’s state of mind is pushed to the absolute limit as she tries to contain the feral energy that is Villanelle," Oh shared with Entertainment Weekly just a month ago, before the trailer for season two had even dropped. Even when speaking with Extra, she mentioned how this season is "so much darker for Eve’s character. It just goes really, really dark, and the pressure is intense. The line just keeps on moving, and Eve just steps over that line."

This whole mention of stepping over the line can be seen in the very opening sequence of the new trailer, where a hyper Eve is on the phone, telling someone that she has finally found Villanelle, but she thinks she might have killed her. And she does all of that in front of a couple in the process of getting engaged. All dark humor analysis aside, this really brings out the burning exasperation in Eve on getting so close to catching Villanelle and then losing her again.



We also see Villanelle's comeback after what seems like a car accident that she had managed to wind up in. She has new targets, and new preys, and also a whole new demeanor to herself, but what remains constant and consistent is her pursuit of Eve. And to pursue Eve as extensively as Villanelle does, it must require a lot of research and digging into the past: something that the trailer for the new season has already hinted at. 

'Killing Eve' returns with its brand new season 2 on April 7, only on AMC and BBC America.