'Killer Prom' Review: Yvonne Zima's lead will creep you out even if plotline is something you expect

'Killer Prom' Review: Yvonne Zima's lead will creep you out even if plotline is something you expect
Yvonne Zima in 'Killer Prom' (Lifetime)

Spoilers for 'Killer Prom'

If a murderer in heels is your type of 'stay in' movie night, this might be the perfect Lifetime thriller for you.

A young woman named Sienna is enthralled by the life of the rich and succumbs to being a murderer in the first five minutes of the movie. A shocking beginning and a predictable narrative, this is your typical jealous woman joining into the family of the woman she murdered to take over her entire life — her husband, her home and her children. Thing is, Sienna didn't just take over a stranger's life, it was that of her cousin, Hannah Wilson.

The Wilsons seem to have it all — Tony Wilson is a doctor and his wife, Hannah seems to be climbing high on the corporate ladder. They have two children, a daughter Cayleigh who is excited and gearing up for her prom, a rite of passage for a young woman. and a son Luke. What they didn't expect is a distant cousin Sienna Markle to be the bearer of their tragedy. After Hannah experiences a near 'accident' while boating, Sienna waits 7 months before she claws her way into the Wilson family.

A jealous and seductive young beauty, she easily captures the hearts of Tony, Luke and especially Cayleigh, who misses a mother to talk to.

Cayleigh, who seems to have lost the wonder of her world after the death of her mother, suffers long with her little brother Luke who has constant nightmares. When Sienna's manipulation allows her valid entry into the family home, things start looking up. The kids are excited again, and their dim light starts to shine bright. However, Sienna's obsession with making sure that Cayleigh has the perfect prom night gets out of hand. Nothing seems to be out of her agenda, including murder.

We don't want to give too much away, although we can tell you that while you may enjoy the movie, there is nothing that you haven't seen before. You will definitely expect the stalkerish vibes and the murderous agendas. Yvonne Zima who plays the role of murderer Sienna Markle does an excellent portrayal of creepy and evil step-mother want to be. From her laugh to the way she delivers her manipulations, she will definitely give you the creeps. She reminded us of Leighton Meester in the 'The Roommate'!


The movie seemed to have lacked a spark that would help it stand out from other productions that have used the same storyline. It is however still an interesting watch and definitely a Lifetime production with its charm and elegance. A big home, big cash, bright shiny characters seem to take the forefront, when a crazy woman behind the scenes unleashes a hell that, although expected by viewers, is still quite shocking.


'Killer Prom' will premiere on April 19, 2020, at 8/ 7c on Lifetime.

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