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Khari Sanford: Wisconsin man who shot GF's parents to death over Covid 19 rules gets life without parole

Khari Sanford was convicted for the execution-style killings of UW Health doctor Beth Potter and her husband Robin Carre in Wisconsin
Khari Stanford and his alleged partner Ali’jah Larrue (Youtube)
Khari Stanford and his alleged partner Ali’jah Larrue (Youtube)

MADISON, WISCONSIN: Khari Sanford, now 21, was found guilty by a Dane County jury in May for the 2020 murders of Dr Beth Potter, 52, and her husband, Robin Carre, 57 — the parents of his girlfriend, Miriam Carre - and was sentenced to life without parole.

A jogger found the two bodies slumped over a ditch, covered in blood, in the early hours of March 31, 2020. They had both been shot in the head. Robin Carre, an education consultant and a stay-at-home dad, was already dead, while Potter, a physician at the Wisconsin University clinic, was found barely holding on to her life, her body temperature being just 30 degrees. She was rushed to the hospital, but couldn't survive. It was obvious they had been kidnapped at night and the police believed the pair was shot dead at close range when they were in the ditch. The police described the attack as “calculated, cold-blooded and senseless.”


Wisconsin couple shot in head at point-blank range by daughter's boyfriend for money, suspect police

Wisconsin 18-year-old kills doctor and her husband, dumps their bodies in ditch after 'calculated' murder

Khari Sanford and a second teenager, Ali’jah Larrue, were arrested and charged with Beth and Robin’s murder. While Sanford denied his role, Larrue admitted to his part in the crime and helped build the case.

(Source: YouTube)
Khari Sanford and Ali’jah Larrue were arrested for the murders (YouTube)

The police learned that the couple had an adopted daughter, Miriam. When the lockdown regulations were implemented at the beginning of the Covid outbreak, Beth and Robin had allowed Khari Sanford, the boyfriend of their daughter, to stay with them. Beth reportedly felt vulnerable because of a medical condition and set out rules for him and their daughter. Sanford refused to abide by them, broke the law, and even used drugs within their home.

Miriam Potter with boyfriend Khari Sanford. (YouTube)
Miriam with boyfriend Khari Sanford (Screenshot/YouTube)

Eventually, Beth and Robin arranged to rent Sanford and their daughter an Airbnb until they could find an apartment of their own, and the pair moved out. Miriam reportedly took offense at the choice, and Sanford allegedly thought her parents didn't respect him enough.

The police came to the conclusion that Sanford decided to kill Beth and Robin as a result of the conflict with them. Larrue drove Sanford to their home in a white Volkswagen minivan. He insisted he didn’t know why they were there until Sanford marched the couple out in their nightwear. Larrue claimed that Sanford made him drive them to the arboretum where he made them exit the car.

The white Volkswagon in which Larrue drove Sanford to the couple's home (Image: YouTube)
The white Volkswagen in which Larrue drove Sanford to the couple's home (Screenshot/YouTube)

After waiting, Larrue drove Sanford back to the Airbnb. He claimed he had not realized what Sanford had done until after they went their separate ways and the latter called him in a panic saying, "I swear I hit them. How did they survive?" Larrue insisted again that he did not know Sanford was going to kill his girlfriend’s parents. He said Sanford had just called him to “hang out”.

The adopted daughter of Beth and Robin, who has not been prosecuted in the case, admitted in court that she was occasionally afraid of Sanford but that she had no knowledge of their plans. She added that he had used manipulation on her while they were dating and had once made a suicide threat before calling it a "social experiment."