Why is Kevin James trending on Pornhub? Truth behind bizarre search in Tennessee

Other bizarre Pornhub search terms included 'Goth Hospital' in Oklahoma, 'Droopy Balls' in Colorado, 'Boats' in Florida and 'Racist' in Michigan

                            Why is Kevin James trending on Pornhub? Truth behind bizarre search in Tennessee
Kevin James the actor (L) and Kevin James the adult film star were being confused on social media (R) (Instagram/Kevin James, Twitter)

Kevin James recently trended on Twitter for the most baffling reason, leaving users wondering about their favorite actor and comedian's secret past. An unofficial statewise map of top Pornhub search terms started doing rounds on social media, where Tennessee's top search was shockingly shown to be 'Kevin James'. The trend left the internet in splits, sparking a meme fest, alongside other equally bizarre search terms like  'Goth Hospital' in Oklahoma, 'Droopy Balls' in Colorado, 'Boats' in Florida and 'Racist' in Michigan.

The source of the map is unclear and Pornhub has not released any official statement about the same. It did not take Internet sleuths much long to find out the real origin of the Tennessee search term. Reportedly, there had been a famous porn star by the name Kevin James, who appeared in adult films throughout the '80s. A native of Wisconsin, James started his career as an auto plant worker but joined the adult film industry when he was 25. In a span of 10 years, he starred as the lead in over 335 pornographic films. Also known as Kevin Gibson or Kevin Jay, the actor died in 1990. 


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Fans of Kevin James, the comedian, were relieved to find that Tennessee's secret obsession was not about their favorite actor from 'Grown Ups'. However, that did not stop them from flooding Twitter with the most hilarious memes about the bizarre coincidence.  "Kevin James being the top Porn Hub search in Tennessee makes me glad I moved," a user tweeted. Another shared the video of a man at a BBQ shouting 'WTF', with the caption, "Kevin James when he finds out that he the most searched subject on PornHub in the state of Tennessee."

A third user tweeted, "Kevin James is trending because he's the No. 1 search term in Tennessee on PornHub. Forgive me for saying this as an atheist, but y'all need Jesus." "We’re all talking about Kevin James but we need to discuss Oklahoma’s choice of “goth hospital,” writer and comedian Mike Drucker decided to unpack.

Another user wrote, "*clicks to see why Kevin James is trending* I nearly had a panic attack....I'm done with the internet today."






A user with the handle 'Perpetual Meh' claimed to be the original creator of the 'fake Pornhub map', as they tweeted, "Every few months my fake Pornhub map featuring Kevin James and Goth Hospital goes mega viral and it reminds me that the original tweet got like 350 likes lol"


Meanwhile, the actor is yet to address the raging controversy and questions around his name in Pornhub. 

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