Kevin Garrett's breathtaking new music video 'Gone Again' is all about looking at the 'good things in life'

According to the R&B singer, 'Gone Again' is about "bracing for impact with rose-colored glasses on"

                            Kevin Garrett's breathtaking new music video 'Gone Again' is all about looking at the 'good things in life'
Kevin Garrett (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Contemporary R&B singer Kevin Garrett has released an official music video for his newly released single 'Gone Again' on March 18. The single released in January.

"'Gone Again' is about bracing for impact with rose-colored glasses on. It's an attempt at looking at something good in your life with lower expectations in fear of losing it," the Pittsburgh-born Grammy-nominated artiste, multi-instrumentalist and producer was quoted as saying in a press release. 

Talking about the concept for the video of 'Gone Again', Garrett said, "The director and I aligned on creating a visual that maintains tension, but points to loosening up ever so slightly."

Kevin Garrett in 'Gone Again' music video (Source: Press Handout)


In the new visual directed by Rona Liana and produced by Matt Morello, the 28-year-old artiste sings in several locations inside an abandoned building. His smooth vocals resonate throughout the building as Garrett sings through its passages, rooms, and hallway. The video sets a play for dark and light themes through the building's rooms, with warm light seeping through the windows in some shots in contrast to the darker locations. Garrett sings, "I can't pretend you're all there is. The old me is one that I'd like to forget. Will you hold me now before I talk you out of it? Oh darlin', I won't go 'til you're gone again".


Garrett has released three EPs titled, 'Mellow Drama' (2015), 'False Hope' (2017) and the recently released 'Made Up Lost Time', as well as a full-length studio album 'Hoax' (2019). He also co-wrote and co-produced 'Pray You Catch Me', the lead track on Beyoncé's 2016 album, 'Lemonade' and was nominated for a Grammy Award for his work on the album. His single 'In Case I Don't Feel' from his much-anticipated full-length debut came out last year. The year also saw him make his late-night television debut on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert', where he performed the lead single 'It Don’t Bother Me At All' from 'Hoax'. His latest EP 'Made Up Lost Time' released on February 21.

Garrett is all set to open for pop singer Lennon Stella on her upcoming North American tour in May. 

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