Did Ketchy the Great buy a Porche 911 before car accident death? Here's how rapper's net worth shot up in jail

Once Ketchy the Great got out of prison, he splurged on a Porche 911 and spent thousands of dollars on Louis Vuitton clothes and accessories

                            Did Ketchy the Great buy a Porche 911 before car accident death? Here's how rapper's net worth shot up in jail
Ketchy the Great poses with his brand new Porche 911 for an Instagram post before his tragic demise on February 16 (Instagram/@ketchythegreat)

Los Angeles-based rapper Ketchy The Great died following a car accident on Tuesday, February 16, according to reports. He was popular in LA's underground rap scene as part of the "Stinc Team" fronted by Drakeo the Ruler. His death was confirmed by  Drakeo and then his management. Drakeo also took to an Instagram Live session to reveal that Ketchy had been "hit by a car" to debunk rumors that his death was not accidental.

However, specifics of the accident have still not been made public. Drakeo also took to Twitter to defend his friend's name, tweeting in all-caps, "N****S DID NOT KILL THE HOMIE HE GOT HIT BY A RANDOM PEDESTRIAN STOP CLAIMING BODIES THATS NOT YOURS THE SCORE WILL NEVER BEEN EVEN."


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Born Jameon Davis, Ketchy The Great had been sharing new songs over the last few months, preparing an album for release after he had served a reduced 2 months out of a remaining 10-month-sentence. Ketchy had been arrested in 2018 for spray painting graffiti in his and Ralfy the Plug’s music video for the hit 'The Right Decision'. Since Stinc Team was deemed "a gang" by the Los Angeles County District Attorney, Ketchy was charged with vandalism with a gang, and witness intimidation with gang enhancement. “It was a bunch of bullsh*t,” Ketchy said of the arrest charges later in a podcast interview after his release.

He served two years and 10 months in prison, releasing his debut while he was behind bars. He entered the prison system as an unknown but embraced fame and wealth from jail, once his talent was recognized. His breakout track 'If I Go Broke' arrived at the end of 2017 and earned him fans inside the prison as well as outside it.

After Ketchy was released in August 2020, he put out a video for the new song 'Another One'. He had also, days before his death, released a new Drakeo and Ketchy song called 'For Real'.

What was Ketchy The Great's net worth? 

In the podcast, he said: "When I went to jail, a (N-word) wasn’t going crazy—like I had a couple songs that started takin’ off. So while I’m in there, it’s just motherf**kers comin’ up to me like, 'Yo you’re Ketchy the Great, I fuck with your shit.' It’s crazy ’cause when I was on the streets, n---as wasn’t really coming up to me, noticing me, or recognizing me. But once I was in the county and I was sittin’ down for like six, seven months, everybody who’s comin’ in that motherf**ker’s like 'Hey, Ketchy, yo, Ketchy, sign my cup!' And I’m like damn, I’m signing my first f**kin’ autographs in the county."

Ketchy the Great posed with his new Porche 911 for an Instagram post (Instagram/@ketchythegreat)

This is also when the money started rolling in. Once he got out, he was able to spend some of it. A fan of luxury, Ketchy splurged on a Porche 911, posing with it in an Instagram post. He also spent thousands of dollars on Louis Vuitton clothes and accessories and said the luxury brand should sponsor him in another Instagram post.   


Drakeo also posted a picture of himself with Ketchy counting piles of cash with the caption: "DOING ALL THE LONG CAPTIONS I MISS YOU BRO @ketchythegreat #LONGLIVEKETCHYTHEGREAT"


Drakeo himself has an estimated net worth of $330 thousand and another one of Ketchy's contemporaries and also a frequent collaborator, 03 Greedo’s net worth is approximately $475 thousand, according to rappers.money. However, it was unknown how much Ketchy the Great had made in his short career. Since Drakeo and 03 Greedo were both his contemporaries, Ketchy's estimated net worth was possibly close to how much they had earned, between $300 thousand to $400 thousand.

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