Kesha makes grand return with new album 'High Road' and fans are calling it a truly defining pop culture moment

Kesha makes grand return with new album 'High Road' and fans are calling it a truly defining pop culture moment
Kesha (Getty Images)

Popstar Kesha has returned with her new album 'High Road'. It has been met with positive reviews from critics, but it's the fan reactions that really matter this time around.

After several years of legal disputes over sexual assault allegations, among other things, Kesha is back with a powerful track 'Praying' which spoke volumes about the singer's painful story and journey to healing. Fans and critics alike could not help but feel the raw emotion in the song and many praised the singer's vocals - a surprise departure from her previously simpler style.

With 'High Road', the singer has taken things further and has put out an album that fans are extremely proud of - and what greater praise is there for an artist, isn't it?

Kesha performs onstage at the Cyndi Lauper And Friends: Home For The Holidays Benefit at The Novo by Microsoft on December 10, 2019, in Los Angeles, California (Getty Images)

"Kesha just proved that u can release pop perfection without having to work with an abuser. she continues to outdo herself. This really is a defining pop culture moment, I love to see it," one user tweeted.

Another comments, "Omg @KeshaRose this album is literally EVERYTHING / I think Shadow and Summer and A little bit of love are my favorites!! #HighRoad This album is so incredible; I'm cried, I've danced, I've sung. It's so incredible. I'm so proud of you @KeshaRose"

The album is already climbing the charts and knocking some other favourites off their pedestals. In a call-to-action, Louis Tomilson fans had this to say, "Kesha's album is currently above #Walls on the US pre-order charts. US LOUIES LET'S GET HIM ANOTHER #1 !!"

Fans were also happy to hype all the strong women with new material out right now, such as this user who tweeted "Meghan Trainor, Kesha and Dua Lipa serving bops tonight #TREATMYSELF #HighRoad #Physical"

Kesha also recently announced a North American tour with guest Big Freedia joining her at certain venues. Therefore, fans will soon get to hear her perform her new songs live in addition to some of her classics.

(L-R) Kesha and Big Freedia perform onstage during the 2019 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 24, 2019, in Los Angeles, California (Getty Images)

Many fans expressed how happy they were to hear some old school pop sounds on this album. One user said, "Kesha really just took us back to 2010 with her new album High Road full of pop gems. y’all better support the pop savior!" Sounds like her tour is going to be a real party and an absolute gift for long-time fans!

One interesting gem on the album is a track called 'Kinky' that features 'Ke$ha', which is the earlier stylized version of the singer's name. Users had some hilarious reactions to this team-up, such as this tweet which features the infamous 'Spider-Man Pointing at Spider-Man' meme.

Others weren't exactly pleased with the musical direction Kesha took with 'High Road', however, one user says, "I thought this new Kesha album was supposed to be her going back to her old pop debauchery ways... I’m on like the 4th yeehaw track in a row." Guess a bit of country isn't for everyone!

And in case you're not sure where to stream the album, a very helpful fan account has done us all a favour and put that info together in this tweet, check it out.

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