Kenny Rogers dead at 81: A look at the 5 women who defined the legendary country singer

Kenny Rogers dead at 81: A look at the 5 women who defined the legendary country singer
Kenny Rogers (Getty Images)

Kenny Rogers, the American singer, songwriter, record producer, and entrepreneur had an illustrious career spanning 60 years. He was also a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. And quite like his musical legacy, Rogers was also known for his love life. His relationships were not as easy as one might imagine.

The musical legend married five times. He had two children, Kenny Rogers Jr. and Carole Rogers, from his first and third marriages, respectively and two children from his fifth marriage. In his memory, we explore the loves of his life, each of which remains an important chapter of his life.


Janice Gordon: 1958 – 1960

Rogers met his first wife, Janice Gordon in 1957. They dated for a year, before they got married on May 15, 1958. Their marriage lasted nearly two years. While they were married, the couple faced many challenges including some from Gordon’s parents. Whether it was family pressure or otherwise, we can’t say why their marriage didn’t last and in April 1960 they got divorced. Rogers had a girl child with Gordon, named Carole Lynne.


Jean Rogers: 1960 – 1963

He married Jean Rogers in October 1960 and divorced her in 1963. The couple had no children from their marriage.

Margo Anderson: 1964 – 1976

Rogers married Margo Anderson in October 1964. Their marriage lasted 12 years and they had a son together, Kennedy. The couple then got divorced in 1976.

Marianne Gordon: 1977 – 1993

After three failed marriages, Rogers found love with Marianne Gordon, whom he married on October 1, 1977. They had a son together, Christopher Cody Rogers and their marriage lasted 16 years. But eventually, they parted ways and got divorced in 1993.


Wanda Miller: 1997- 2020

Kenny Rogers and Wanda Miller’s love story remains the most highlighting one of his life! The two happened to meet by chance and dated for five years before tying the knot. The couple were together until Rogers passed away on March 19, 2020. Despite the wide age difference, Wanda and Kenny had a beautiful love story to tell the world and a relationship that is evident from their social media posts (before Rogers fell sick). The couple had identical twin sons.


The iconic country musician died on March 19, 2020, at a hospice in Colbert, Georgia.

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