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'Be respectful': Kelsey Foster faces backlash for visiting orphanage in skimpy outfit

'It would prob be much more respectful to keep your puppies inside your clothes,' a person reportedly commented while trolling Kelsey Foster
UPDATED NOV 14, 2022
Kelsey Foster with children at a Bali orphanage (Facebook/ Kelsey Foster)
Kelsey Foster with children at a Bali orphanage (Facebook/ Kelsey Foster)

BALI, INDONESIA: An Australian digital creator who went to Bali on vacation and also did some charity work has been called out online for her dressing. Kelsey Foster is reportedly the one who had to face people’s wrath online. As per reports, Foster gave boxes of rice, noodles, and cooking oil to a children’s orphanage in the Indonesian Province.

The woman also apparently had a great time with the children, who enjoyed her company and a treat of lollies and soft toys. The Daily Mail reported that Foster’s visit to the orphanage was posted on a Facebook page, called Bali Bogans, which seemed to be private. However, instead of appreciating her kind gesture, some people were more concerned about her clothes as she donned ​​a swimsuit and crop top.


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A critic reportedly commented, “Next time it would prob be much more respectful to keep your puppies inside your clothes. It's not something children need to experience at a young age.” The second critic expressed their concern if the facility, which Foster visited was genuine. They wrote, “I'm not hating anyone. I'm just saying tourists to Bali should be more responsible as to how they help children. Charities need to be transparent and responsible about how they operate. I understand the poster meant well but this is not a good example of how we can support children in need.”

Foster reportedly slammed back at the trolls as she stated, “Hilarious how quick judgment comes because of what I am wearing. A swimsuit I had on already from the morning on a 33-degree day in humidity I am not used to, how dare I.”

She also said, “It’s not meaningful because I took pictures? I had friends from Australia donate to me back home to bring money here to do this for the children when I mentioned I wanted to visit, so I am sharing with them. I loved my time there, loved meeting the children and no one’s going to change my mind.”

But not everyone was against Foster as a person positively noted, “That’s such a beautiful thing. Doesn’t matter what you wear that’s not what the post is about peeps. God bless you.” Another one said, “Either way at the end of the day you did a good thing. People can judge all they want but at-least in your heart you know you did the right thing girl. X.”

The Australian tourist has also shared some pictures of her visit on her personal Facebook account, with a caption that said, “Today I went and spent time at a children’s orphanage here in Bali, I took lots of rice, eggs, oil and noodles. The amount I took will feed the children for a long time and they were nothing but grateful. It was amazing to learn about them and talk with them and see them smile."


“I appreciate all those who donated it definitely was well given and appreciated! The shop I purchased all this from is a small family store, the money used to purchase this food from them will now also feed her family for more than 2 weeks!” The social media post received a few positive comments, like “Amazing Kelsey,” and “Yayyy they’re faces are so worth it I bet it would of made you feel so good to do that for them 💜💜💜.”

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