It's 1-0 for mommy! Kelly Ripa trolling daughter Lola on Instagram is all of us

Kelly Ripa knows how to troll people and it looks like she knows it way better than her daughter does.

                            It's 1-0 for mommy! Kelly Ripa trolling daughter Lola on Instagram is all of us
Kelly Ripa (Source:Getty Images)

Kelly Ripa one-upped daughter Lola Grace Consuelos on Instagram, except this wasn't a war of pictures but some hilarious comments. The current score, we say 1-0!

Recently, Kelly took to Instagram to share a picture of her with husband, Mark Consuelos and also his on-screen wife on the show 'Riverdale,' Marisol Nichols. The trio was present at the comic con while Lola was at home and her comments on Kelly's picture outed her for good. It looked like Lola was tired of hearing and seeing anything related to comic-con, so she commented: "If I see one more thing about Comic-con."

However, little did she know that it would turn against her. Kelly decided to use her mom card and reiterated, "You should turn your phone off and clean your room." Just when you thought that this might be the end of their trolling, we realized we were up for many more. On Sunday, Kelly posted yet another picture with Mark on her Instagram. "Prom with #daddy (it’s a Riverdale thing)" she captioned the picture. 

Lola decided to get back for the trolling, and commented: "Lol but your prom pic will never get as many likes as me and @tar3fahmy." Even though Lola was right about the likes, there was no doubt that Kelly was not letting her daughter win: "Did you clean your room yet?" she replied to Lola's comment.

In fact, Lola's prom date, Tarek Fahmy also took Kelly's side and joined in on the fun as he commented, "Good point! Now go finish your summer reading." While it is all fun and games between the mother-daughter duo, Kelly could not have been more proud of her daughter. The mother of three took to Instagram to share a picture of Lola while dressed for her prom. "Prom night 2018" she captioned the picture. 

While Lola might have been alright with her mother sharing a picture of her, it is not always the case. Previously the two had a tiff over a Halloween picture of Lola that Kelly shared on social media. Appearing in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Kelly shared, "It's so bizarre. I'm never allowed to post a photo of her—ever." 

"I was like, 'You know what? She can't get mad at an eight-year-old photo. It's a Halloween throwback Thursday. I'm in the elevator coming up here, and the phone rings, and it says 'Lola.' I was debating [answering]. I was like, 'Maybe I shouldn't answer it...but what if it's an emergency?" she continued. 

"She's like, 'You take it down right now! My friends follow you for some reason, and they will see this!' I was like, 'You know what? I will take it down. I'll take it down for you. She added, "And that was the end of the discussion. She didn't say, 'Where are you going? What are you doing?" While Kelly might have taken a picture down, it sure does not look like she will back out of trolling her daughter.