Kehlani drops steamy self-shot music video for 'Toxic' while in quarantine, fans call it a 'masterpiece'

The 'quarantine style' video was shot by Kehlani herself at home. With colorful filters to set the mood, the singer posed seductively in a variety of sultry outfits

                            Kehlani drops steamy self-shot music video for 'Toxic' while in quarantine, fans call it a 'masterpiece'
Kehlani (Getty Images)

American singer-songwriter and dancer Kehlani has shared a new music video on March 25 for her latest single 'Toxic' which released March 14. The self-shot video was produced while the 'Good Thing' singer was self-isolating amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

The new single 'Toxic' follows the release of Kehlani's single 'Valentine’s Day (Shameful)' which released February 18 and the combined music video for both 'All Me' and 'Change Your Life', released February 13. Kehlani has also collaborated with other artists this 2020 on their tracks: Justin Bieber's 'Get Me' from his new album 'Changes' and Megan Thee Stallion's 'Hit My Phone' from her third EP 'Suga'. 

The 24-year-old singer wrote "I drank some wine and locked myself in my room” on Twitter before sharing the grainy "quarantine-style" video. "Stay awake with me real quick," she said. Later she revealed that she created, directed and edited the video in her room within only an hour. "Thank u red wine (sic)", she added.

In the sultry clip, Kehlani wears several outfits and smokes while twerking and engaging with the camera seductively with different colored filters over slow-pulsating lights. The steamy video has explicit lyrics to match. Kehlani sings, "Uh, all the sex on replay. Run it back like a DJ. Surfin' on your face while you eat that. Tryna make a bad b***h behave, no. I was this way for you. Put the p***y away for you. Thinkin' I would wait for you".  

Fans are in sexual hyperdrive on Twitter seeing the new video. Short clips from the fans' favorite sexiest moments were put up and amid a multitude of gifs that couldn't express reactions better, fans called it "perfection" and "a masterpiece" while some fans called her "queen". 

One fan said:  "Yaaaaaassssssssss thicknesses!!!!! (sic)" and another with "you really that fine whewwwwww (sic)".  Another said: "You double checked up on this quarantine! (sic)". A fan referred to the video being posted late in the night, saying "Ma’am you can’t be out here with all this ass at this time of night (sic)".

Watch the 'Toxic' music video here

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